The benefits and harms of inversion boots

Inversion boots are an innovation in modern life. In gyms and fitness clubs you can see people hanging on special hooks attached to the horizontal bar. Some of them want to increase their height, some just take a break from a tense workout, and someone thus copes with pain in the spine. These people are united by the fact that they all use inverse boots for their purposes.

Features of using inversion boots

Unfortunately, the lifestyle of many people is far from ideal: hours of sitting at a computer or driving a car inevitably leads to the fact that the spine becomes increasingly difficult to cope with stress. A unique development with a simple and understandable principle of action comes to the rescue. Inversion boots have a special mount that compresses the ankle of a person. A man hangs upside down on them on the crossbar, fixing on it with special hooks. This position favorably affects all the muscles of the body, relaxing them. In the usual state, the force of gravity acts on us, under the influence of which all human organs and the spine are compressed.

Is it possible to increase growth with the help of gravity shoes

Human growth under the influence of time and other factors tends to decrease. To avoid this, regular exercises in gravity shoes are necessary. With the right approach, the length of muscles and joints increases due to the natural extension of compressed cells. Thus, you can maintain your growth or even increase it by a few centimeters.

REFERENCE! By age 60, human growth is reduced by an average of 5 centimeters.

The benefits of inversion boots

In the course of observations and studies, the following positive aspects of hanging upside down in special boots were revealed:

  • Improvement of blood circulation . If you hang upside down, then gravity will help improve blood circulation. The lymphatic system cleans faster due to inversion.
  • Stress relief . Stress is already a familiar condition for most residents of megacities and not only. It can sometimes be difficult to independently cope with it. You need to know how to properly relax your body from overload. Inversion stretching is a kind of yoga, Pilates and anti-aging procedures for the spine in the complex. But at the same time, you can spend much less effort than with ordinary sports training.
  • Increased flexibility and range of motion . Inversion helps the joints remain flexible, which favorably affects a person’s posture.
  • Relaxation after training . Athletics, weight lifting in large quantities lead to a decrease in growth. Therefore, for professional athletes and bodybuilders it is important to use inversion to maintain the body in good shape after training.
  • Support and increase growth .

Harm inversion shoes

Before starting classes on special simulators, it is necessary to consult with a specialist. These shoes can be contraindicated for people whose height exceeds 198 centimeters, as well as people whose body weight is more than 130 kilograms. Doctors do not recommend classes in such shoes with an acute form of radiculitis.

ATTENTION! Gravity shoes should be used with caution in diseases of the eyes, hearing organs, as well as the cardiovascular system.

What they say about the doctor’s gravitational boots

Doctors say that gravity shoes help relieve spine. With regular training, the use of painkillers is gradually reduced, and in some cases, surgery is canceled. But the situation is more complicated with hernias of the spine. Unfortunately, with the help of inversion boots, they will not get rid of them. The main thing is to understand in a timely manner that this method is suitable for the treatment and restoration of the spine.

IMPORTANT! In addition, doctors note positive changes in weight, improved abs and reduced cellulite in patients.

As in any business, with any training, the key to success is patience and regularity. It matters how many times a week you conduct classes, and how regular they are. Therefore, it is important to follow the schedule of your classes to achieve the desired result. We hope that this article will be useful and will help to take the right measures to strengthen the body.