The belt should also be fashionable: which belts to wear in the 2019 season?

A stylish look is not only the right choice of clothes. In many respects, it depends on the selection of accessories that give along the completeness and personality. One such thing is a belt. Recently, it is more often used as a decorative element, and not for its intended purpose. And in the new season he is at the peak of popularity. Want to transform a familiar look? Complete it with a fashionable belt!

Fashion belts of the season-2019

Currently, fashion is so multifaceted that it does not have a certain framework. Therefore, each representative of the weaker sex will be able to find a stylish belt to your liking. You can wear it with any clothing: dress, coat, tunic and so on. There is no restriction on color, texture and decor, so you can safely show your imagination when drawing up an outfit. I will tell you about the most fashionable belts of the season.


A wide black belt with lacing will not only help to create a sharper silhouette, but also visually reduce the volume of your waist.

Currently, it can be worn not only over a dress, tunic or shirt, but also on a coat.


You can use various colors and textures. But when creating contrast with the base, you should be especially careful, since such a move can reduce your growth and make your figure more massive.

For the youth direction, it is permissible to combine this type of belt with skinny jeans and a white blouse or shirt.

It will be appropriate in the office outfit, adding a pencil skirt.

Not wide

Many designers offer fashionistas to complement the gentle, romantic dresses with classic men's belts.

This technique will only emphasize your femininity and fragility. In addition, a method of decorating buckles with rhinestones and beads became a good move.

Thin metal

One of the new products, gaining popularity, was a narrow belt made of a thin metal strip.

Designers recommend adding a dark evening dress with this accessory . This will give your look a special chic and help to stand out from the crowd.

In a casual look, you can use a belt in the form of a chain with a buckle.

Rough metal will enhance your feminine charm and add a piquant zest along with it.

Key rings

This variation differs from others in its layering and key ring decor.

Such a solution is suitable for those who love unusual moves and bold outfits . It is best to combine this little thing with clothes of a simple cut and an adjacent silhouette.


Many manufacturing companies began to make buckles in the form of their distinctive sign (logo).

And the mods liked this solution. After all, you can combine such an accessory with almost all elements of the wardrobe, it is truly universal.

With a secret

A popular innovation this year is unusual belts with hidden pockets or intricate clasps.

Some of them are curiously tied, others hide a small pocket for a knife on the inside, and others have an invisible fastener. Another variation is a handbag (pocket) attached to the belt for small things.

Tips for choosing and using belts

Undoubtedly, this little thing is simply necessary in your wardrobe! But before you get a finished and beautiful outfit, you need to correctly choose an accessory. To facilitate the process, we offer several recommendations.

  • Classic leather belts in appearance do not differ in male and female versions. The difference is only in the way they are worn: for women, when fastening, the buckle remains on the right, and the free tip on the left.
  • If you are not tall, then you should give preference to a narrow strap . It will help visually lengthen your legs.
  • If growth allows you to use a fairly wide belt, choose a darker color. It will allow you to visually narrow your waist.
  • If you lower the medium-sized belt below the waist line, this move will also allow you to stretch the silhouette. It looks especially good on fitted clothes. Combining such a belt with a free-cut blouse, you can hide flaws in the waist area.
  • Do not tighten the belt too tight. Between the body and the accessory two fingers should fit freely . If you neglect this, you can visually add a couple of extra pounds to your figure.
  • The free tip of the belt should not hang too low, so it should be selected strictly in size. The free end of the thin strap can be beautifully tied.
  • A black or brown belt will fit any element of your wardrobe, as these colors are universal.
  • When choosing a corset model, you should avoid heavily decorated things.

Even if you haven’t used a belt in your outfits before, you should correct this situation, because this accessory can greatly transform your appearance for the better.