Beach scarf and scarf: how to choose?

Summer is a time of relaxation. And his favorite variety is a trip to the beach. But solar radiation can harm your health, so you should provide yourself with adequate protection. It will be required not only for skin and eyes, but also for hair. After all, under the intense influence of ultraviolet hair becomes brittle, can lose its natural shine and beauty. The best remedy for protection is a beautiful scarf. Using it in various ways, you can protect not only the hair, but also the body from harmful effects.

Which shawl is suitable for the beach

An accessory designed for a beach dress can be of a traditional shape, in the form of a triangle. And it can also have a rectangular shape, like a palatine (pareo).

When choosing, it is worth considering several parameters.


For the summer season, bright, saturated colors are the best option . A thing can be plain or colorful.

Moreover, plant motifs, geometric shapes, ornament and so on are widely used as a pattern. Particularly stylish look models with a beautiful print .

Attention! When choosing an accessory, do not forget the rule of three colors: in any outfit, the number of colors should not exceed three different shades.


Kerchiefs can be sewn and knitted.

  • For the first option, light, airy, thin fabrics are used: chiffon, silk, cambric, cotton, linen, organza .
  • For the second, summer yarn is used : silk, linen, rayon or cotton .

How to wear a kerchief on the beach

One of the main purposes of the scarf is to protect the head from sunlight. But do not forget about the external attractiveness and integrity of the image. The ability to beautifully tie a scarf will help you with this. There are several ways to accomplish this.


It consists in tying the ends of a scarf or a diagonally folded scarf behind the hair.

East turban

This method allows you to give the appearance of unusual and southern luxury.

With this method, the tips are tied over the upper part of the forehead in a secret way.


A striped scarf covers only part of the head.

Infinity turban

For such a head pattern, you need to curl a strip of fabric and, clasping its head behind, twist the free ends over the frontal part, and then tie them on the back of the head.

Reference! This method will not only protect the hair, but also help to preserve the hair, and also fix the hair, preventing them from falling on the face.

Not only on the head


In addition to the main application, a scarf or scarf can be used as an original pareo.

The main way: wrap the torso and tie it in a knot or fasten it with a brooch at the waist or over the chest.


This accessory can also be turned into a beach dress. To do this, overlap the upper corners with each other in front and tie at the back on the neck.


Well, the easiest option is to throw it on your shoulders.

It is noteworthy that, if necessary, such a little thing is easy to roll up and put into your purse.