To be or not to be lamps - that’s the question

Sport chic continues to march along the streets of our cities, but 2019 made some adjustments to the rules for combining trousers with stripes with other things. Now, in addition to sleeveless blouses, shirts and stretched sweatshirts, the model can be combined with a denim, a top on very thin straps, an Olympic jacket a la 90s and a microtop that more closely resembles the top of a swimsuit . Bare shoulders (1 or both), unusual sleeves (such as a bat) and catchy prints are welcome.

Where did the stripes on fashionable trousers come from?

Initially, the decor was the property of the military (it was also present on the form of the ancient Scythians), then it became part of the sports wardrobe. Today, pants with vertical stripes are actual women's clothing, which is often worn with shoes with heels or a platform-slide than with sneakers or sneakers . Another feature has appeared. If at the dawn of its existence, stripes were cuts of fabric, now they can be drawn. Moreover, with respect to relevance, both options are equal.

The difference is visible in the color scheme. The classic version - red - can be replaced by any other. Non-uniformity is also allowed . Such a decorative patch is heterogeneous in color or comes with a print. For example, with a cage or floral pattern.

What models of women's trousers with stripes are there?

  1. To the floor. The trouser leg is very long, covers the heel and can even drag along the ground.
  2. Shortened models. Pants with a length of 7/8 - one of the leading trends, which promises not soon to go out of fashion. Pants should be worn with classic shoes, sandals and shoes with flat soles. Clothing for them should be chosen from casual and sport chic.
  3. Wide. May be elongated or shortened, expanding from the knee or thigh. Look good in a romantic, casual and casual business style.
  4. Fabric. Models of gabardine, tweed, crepe, knitwear, linen costume fabric are offered.
  5. Denim Classic blue and blue denim at the peak of popularity. Only jeans, supplemented by vertical stripes, are more relevant than him. They can be expressed in color or made of another material - suede, velvet, lace, leather, textile.
  6. Leather. It turns out a very daring and original wardrobe item, which because of its brightness requires a restrained top and accessories.

Distinguish between models and the location of the stripes . They can be placed on the outer and inner thighs or combine both options. Another key feature is seasonality. There are warm, ordinary and very light summer trousers.

Important! In addition to the classic blue and blue denim, very bright jeans are in fashion. Feel free to buy burgundy, green or brown models with white or colored vertical stripes on the legs.

Who can wear them, who shouldn’t?

Vertical lines are a way to stretch a shape . The property is definitely useful for short and plump girls. However, the last category of women should avoid trousers with very wide lines, which are also much lighter than the basic tone of the legs. This version will not only not help visually become slimmer, but, on the contrary, will add a few kilograms due to the increase in massiveness and steepness of the outer thigh.

What is the clearance in stripes?

Clearance - this is the stripes themselves, that is, fabric or a drawn vertical line. The detail can be narrow (a few cm) or wide. The largest stripes come with a composite or application plan . In other words, this is no longer a traditional one-piece strip, but a multi-part elongated in shape form. Its dimensions can reach half of the leg.

Stylish trousers with stripes

  1. Red trousers with white stripes, white socks, pointed white shoes, tucked shirt (printed, interspersed with white).
  2. Snow-white trousers, the same shade of a non-fitted sleeveless blouse, sandals matching the colors of stripes, an envelope (white + color of gaps) or a small handbag on a chain.
  3. A short top or a shortened sweatshirt with a blue ethnic pattern, light blue trousers, pointed shoes with animal print (gray or grayish blue).
  4. A brown or beige bomber jacket, brown trousers (darker than the top), an orange messenger bag over his shoulder, and beige flat shoes.
  5. Classic black shoes (replaceable with sneakers), cropped jeans with stripes (high waist), knitted T-shirt on very thin straps.
  6. Silver shoes on a flat track or on a platform, black trousers with stripes, a white shirt or silk top (you need to refuel), an elongated jacket in the color of the bottom.

Important! A loose elongated jacket allows you to wear both wide and slightly narrowed trousers. With a shortened jacket, it is better to take the bottom of a straight or slightly narrowed type.

The options listed are a template. Lean on them, but do not forget to change the palette in accordance with the compatibility of colors . For example, if you take gray pants with black stripes and a black silk top, then this ensemble will need to pick up non-silver shoes, otherwise the transition will turn out to be too sharp. The best option: shoes that match the tone of the stripes or the main shade of the trousers .

What models are “in the subject” of 2019?

Options worth paying attention to:

  • black and dark blue models with white or white-red gaps;
  • completely monophonic trousers in which the stripes are the same color as the main canvas and are different from it only due to the texture, easy compression of the lumen or using other technology;
  • snow-white trousers with a thin black vertical line on the outside of the thigh;
  • denim shortened;
  • velvet and slightly widened in the pelvic area;
  • models with 3 multi-colored contrasting lines;
  • with 4 or 5 monophonic very thin strips closely spaced to each other;
  • on rivets reaching the middle of the thigh (you do not need to undo all the fasteners, only the first few).

It is also worth considering that stripes are now not only endowed with sweatpants . On the contrary, there is a tendency to decorate the lumen of the trousers, which in no way correlate with the style of military or sport. And just such models are in 2019 at the peak of popularity.