Baseball cap at 50: wear, know, love

Sports style has firmly entered our lives and filled the wardrobes of all people. The question is, are there any age restrictions on wearing baseball caps? Or is it the prerogative of only the young and the daring?

Where did they come from in Russia?

In fact, this is part of the sportswear that came to us only after the collapse of the USSR, it was associated with the United States. At first, all baseball caps had American symbols, but later there was an expansion of the lineup due to Chinese manufacturers. Gradually, real high-quality goods from the West began to appear in Russia.

Five good reasons why we need a cap

Save incognito

Sometimes you really want to hide from annoying questions and take a quiet walk along the street. It is enough to cover the face with a visor, and that’s it! Although, if you give preference to the same baseball cap, there is a risk of being recognized by it.

Hide the lack of hairstyles

What is better than a cap to mask an unsuccessful hairstyle or unwashed head? Of course, this method should not be abused, but just in case - take a note.

Express position

The most striking examples are the popular singer Rihanna, she says “ I came to break hearts” on her cap and President Donald Trump says Make America great again”.

One small accessory becomes a vivid expression of personality. It’s quite simple to choose a hat according to your mood and spirit! It is not necessary to look for exclusive showrooms; you can buy a plain plain baseball cap and decorate to your own taste.

Refresh Image

Any image with a well-chosen headgear will sparkle with new colors, so there is no need to be afraid to experiment and combine a cap with various everyday outfits.

Hide from the sun

Things must have a functional purpose! It must be remembered that initially baseball caps were created to protect from the sun.

What is recommended for women to wear after 50?

Carefully studying the recommendations of the stylists, I deduced the following list:

  1. Felt . These cute hats with soft brim allow you to change the shape of the headgear according to your mood. Of the styles recommended "tablets", caps and berets.
  2. Knitted hats . Hats, berets and even hoods, which are carefully selected for an individual style.
  3. Fur . Expensive and elegant products from mink, silver fox and red fox will not leave indifferent virtually any woman of any age!

The use of faux fur is gaining momentum! Therefore, I advise all courageous animal rights activists to look at the collections of beautiful and practical substitutes.

And where are the baseball caps? In fact, we look at the state of mind, and if you really want to, then you can! The main thing is that the headgear is suitable for the type of face and emphasize only our advantages.


Here's what you should pay attention to first! Color is very important, it will refresh the overall tone of the face or emphasize skin fatigue. Bright colors, rhinestones, flowers and other excess decor can treacherously highlight the dark circles under the eyes and all-all-all small wrinkles. It is better to use plain hats and not get carried away in black.

It should be remembered once and for all: the black color should be separated from the face! It is ideal only for flawless skin!

Perfectly refresh pastel shades! And do not forget about the rest of the outfit, every detail should be in harmony with the "neighbors". And what do we get in the end? A neutral baseball cap will be a great addition to the stylish look of a modern lady.