Bad taste in show business: Russian stars with a terrible taste

Many Russian stars of show business in pursuit of the attention of fans, as they say, "go too far", choosing outfits that now and then fall into various anti-ratings. At the same time, they do not react much to criticism of stylists and fashion designers, continuing to regularly dress in tasteless outfits and appearing in this form at ceremonies and red carpet.

Terrible Stars

Among the media personalities that are distinguished by a lack of taste, there are well-known presenters, producers, bloggers and other celebrities. They have a huge number of subscribers on social networks who are inspired by their example and believe that the style of their idol is unique and original.

Important ! Among the most famous freaks of the fashion industry, we can distinguish Sergey Zverev. The stylist is famous for his shocking outfits, which invariably surprise the audience, creating hype around his person. And these are not only rhinestones, sequins and large brooches on classic costumes, but also the gilded crown that has become an integral part of his costume.

But there are more “modest" stars that differ in the absence of a sense of style and bad taste in the wardrobe. Many of them would do well to hire a professional stylist who would create attractive images for them every day.

Anastasia Kostenko

The current wife of Olga Buzova's ex-husband, hockey player Dmitry Tarasov, is distinguished by tasteless outfits. The model and the beautiful girl have repeatedly been criticized by stylists. They constantly discuss her outfits and appearances, attacking the girl for lack of taste. The situation is even more aggravated due to the fact that the ex-wife of Dmitry Tarasov, Olga Buzova, has an amazing sense of style and even creates her own collection of clothes.

What was worth the dress from Louis Vuitton, which, while still pregnant, Anastasia put on at a party in honor of FC Lokomotiv. A dress cost 227 thousand rubles, but, despite such an impressive amount, it collected a lot of unpleasant reviews from subscribers. “Collective farmer” and “complete failure” are the most frequent epithets used by subscribers in relation to Kostenko.

Yana Rudkovskaya

The famous producer and wife of the famous skater Evgeni Plushenko is considered a fashionable socialite. But sometimes a sense of style fails her. Ruffles, ruffles, floral prints and an unusual length with its short stature sometimes lead fashion critics to shock. Rudkovskaya often looks completely ridiculous in a long dress with ruffles and a large floral print, adding huge sneakers to all this beauty. It’s fair to say that for the most part the producer’s bows are pretty decent and cause no questions.

Ksenia Borodina

Ksenia Borodina, the permanent host of the long-playing television show Dom-2, is also sometimes not averse to shocking the audience with tasteless outfits. Along with stylish dresses on the floor, which perfectly emphasize the figure of the presenter, the girl does not hesitate to put on a voluminous oversized jacket.

She tucks tight pants into socks, light and striped, and puts on a loose dark t-shirt and adds terrible large sneakers to all this mess. At the same time, the girl writes on her page on the social network that she loves this style and wants him to stay in trend forever. Well, what can I say ?!


“Without complexes” was the name of the author’s program of the famous singer. And she really is a woman without complexes. What was it worth only the tight-fitting outfit “a la Joe Lo” that Lolita put on at one of her concerts.

She is a big fan of tight-fitting short dresses, high over the knee boots, short tops and other wardrobe attributes that are more suitable for young slim girls. In addition, often Lolita appears in public in tasteless clothes, under which it is clearly visible that the star neglects to wear underwear.

Natasha Koroleva

Throughout his stage life, Koroleva shocked the audience with his ultra-short or transparent outfits. Spouse of the star, stripper Tarzan strongly supports his wife in this. What did it cost only a tight-fitting suit in the form of a naked female body at one of the public events, in which Natasha willingly posed for the paparazzi. The “shame” of the singer was covered only by the red satin cloak.

Anastasia Volochkova

The famous ballerina has long earned the status of a tasteless star. She wears lush fur coats in the summer, wears mini-swimsuits, consisting of several strings, and puts on dresses that are completely unsuitable for her in terms of style or color for special occasions. The girl is deservedly the leader of numerous anti-ratings in style.