Backpack with a red cross - company

It is difficult to imagine the life of an active person without such a useful and practical accessory as a backpack. This item is popular not only among travelers. It is relevant in the daily use of a variety of people.

Among a wide variety of firms, Wenger can be distinguished. The presence of a special logo in the form of a red cross has long been a sign of high quality.

One of the popular backpack manufacturers is Wenger.

REFERENCE. All brand products are made from high quality materials such as polyester and polycarbonate.

The texture is characterized by strength and resistance to mechanical damage. Backpacks are distinguished by functionality, thoughtful design, as well as high quality workmanship.

In the market you can find a large number of products with the company logo. In the pictures in online stores, they look very attractive. In addition, the price tag usually ranges from 30% of the price of the original item. In most cases, fakes are not reliable and quickly break. A true Wenger accessory will delight its owner for many years.

Basic information about the company

The Swiss company Wenger was founded in 1893 by Thomas Wenger and was originally engaged in the production of knives.

Later, other products for outdoor activities were added to the brand line. Backpacks and other travel accessories are very popular and recognizable.

ATTENTION ! Wenger spokespersons give a guarantee on all backpacks for 3 years.

This indicates the firm's confidence in the quality of the products offered.

Product range

In the company's booklet you can find products for both leisure and travel, as well as products for everyday use.

Among a wide variety of shapes, dimensions and models, each buyer can find a suitable option for himself. The price is affordable and affordable for the average Russian buyer.

IMPORTANT! Business people should pay attention to the premium business collection.

The strict design of the accessory combined with the high quality of materials emphasize the high status of the owner.

Wenger Backpacks Feature

Wenger backpacks have undeniable advantages in comparison with analogues of other manufacturers. Let us consider in more detail the characteristics of products.

  • The presence of side belts, with which it is easy to pull the body of the product to the back.
  • Products are equipped with many functional pockets of various sizes.
  • The presence of wide ergonomic shoulder straps, which makes the process of wearing as comfortable as possible.
  • There is an internal Airflow ventilation system .
  • The presence of a special reinforced handle, which allows for manual carrying of the accessory.

REFERENCE! The product has a special detachable carabiner with which you can attach keys and other useful little things.

Wenger backpacks will be an indispensable tool in many situations. Having preferred this brand, everyone will be able to verify by personal example the highest quality products.