Backpack history

Of course, today with the presence of a backpack at home, you will not surprise anyone. Everyone at least once in his life used this item in everyday life: a hiking trip, a walk in the forest, a picnic in nature. And also it is an integral part in research expeditions, when climbing mountains, in extreme travels. But no one wondered where this necessary thing originated from.

How appeared and who invented it

The backpack has its history since ancient times, almost from the formation of mankind itself. And proof of this is a 1991 find. In the Alps, the remains of a man were discovered, and a backpack next to him. To the remains of more than 5 thousand years, the backpack provides a prototype of a modern frame backpack, a frame consisting of a hazel bar and two boards on which a leather bag was attached.

The history of the creation of such a bag on the straps can be explained by the fact that ancient people went hunting for several days, or even weeks. And this means that it is necessary to take things, products with you and at the same time hold hands tightly in your hands so that you yourself do not become prey to animals.

Over time, different nations modernized their backpacks in their own way, but the main purpose remained the same, it was carrying cargo over long distances, and at the same time, hands remained free.

In Germany, a backpack was used as a water transfer, firewood hay. And even there is a monument dedicated to porters, which clearly shows the backpack of that era.

At the Aztecs, the backpack was a wooden base with one strap placed on the forehead.

The Roman legionaries used military campaigns, a shield on which essential things were attached.

If you recall the Soviet cartoon, then the girl Masha with the help of a backpack from the vine, ran away from the bear. And this kind of backpack had a place to be in Russian villages. With its help, berries, mushrooms and other forest gifts were collected.

History of the creation of the backpack and types of backpacks

The appearance of the name of the backpack, recently compared and borrowed from German speech. Literally, Sack is a shoulder bag worn on the back of Rücken, hence Rucksack.

Of course, the backpack has come a long way of evolution from the beginning of time to the present day. Over time, the leather bag was replaced with canvas. And the wooden frame was replaced with a steel base. The next stage allowed us to create a lighter and more durable version, replacing the main parts with nylon and aluminum. The first rucksack arrived on the European continent from America, and was used as a military attribute to carry personal items and soup ration. And already in the future, backpacks began to be used for expeditions and trips.

This is what played an important role in the modernization of backpacks. Satchels began to be used in everyday life, and divided according to purpose.

Types of backpacks:

Padded backpack. Such a model is distinguished by the absence of any frame, that is, an ordinary bag. They differ in volume, they can be very small (children's version) and large sizes, for example, for a sleeping bag. The main plus, such a backpack, is easy to fold and remove, it takes up little space;

  • Frame backpack. The name speaks for itself, consists of two elements of the frame and bag. Aluminum base for maintaining vertical cruelty, or with a plastic insert of "anatomical" shape;

  • Easel backpack. In a simple version, this is a frame with straps, and already on the "machine" a bag, or other overall load, is hung.

Of course, it is worth noting that the backpacks are firmly in school uniform. This is a very convenient element for the safe transfer of textbooks, notebooks and other school supplies. Of course, special models are created for children according to their body structure. The main option is a satchel with an orthopedic back. And it’s convenient, and the child gets used to hold his back correctly, which eliminates the curvature of the spine.

Satchels for the purpose are divided into:

  • Tourist;
  • Mountaineering;
  • Bicycle
  • Military;
  • Freeride
  • Urban.

It is also worth noting that many fashionistas have taken stylish backpacks as the basis of their image. And fashion designers are happy to help them in this. You won’t surprise anyone with a glamorous female backpack.

Many not only rural, but also urban residents choose a backpack. The modern rhythm of life dictates its own rules, sometimes it is necessary to literally be transmitted according to the circumstances, and this can always be done if at hand there is a roomy backpack with spare things.

And of course, this is a sporty option, after an exhausting workout, to put the uniform in a backpack and put on a fresh set of linen, which could be better.

A modern backpack has come a long way in order to become multi-functional, convenient, easy and safe. And every year, manufacturers do not cease to amaze with new products, and even a person who has never gone on a hike necessarily gets a satchel for everyday use.