Is a backpack considered hand luggage

The backpack is a convenient accessory in which all necessary things are located. In this case, the hands remain free. The shoulder bag allows you to feel comfortable with any movement and to be confident in your own staffing. If you need to make a flight on an airplane, a backpack today is not considered carry-on baggage. You can take it with you on board if the accessory meets all the safety requirements and dimensions specified by the carrier company.

Is a backpack considered hand luggage

There is no strict regulation in airlines regarding the type of bags that can be carried on board an aircraft as hand luggage. It is important that the product meets all the safety requirements of the owner of the fashion item and other passengers, and also fits into the predetermined dimensions.

The fact is that in the cabin of a passenger aircraft, space for each client is very limited. In order not to litter the passages, and not to risk the safety of their customers, air carriers clearly limit the size and volume of the bag, as well as things that can be packed into it before taking on board.

Important! A backpack is a great alternative to a regular bag. With it you can take everything you need that can come in handy during the flight.

Concept of hand luggage

In 2017, airlines radically revised existing rules and identified a number of rules that should be strictly observed by both passengers and staff of airline companies. One of these rules is to carry cabin baggage on board. According to the definition of specialists, it is a bag or backpack, which a person can carry with him to the cabin absolutely free. The backpack must meet the following requirements:

  • fit in a free seat allocated by the airline (the volume of the permitted backpack should not exceed 15 kg);
  • does not contain prohibited items;
  • There is no danger to employees and customers of the airline.

Some of the conditions for different companies may vary. For example, the dimensions of hand luggage or the possibility of transporting certain items in the cabin are slightly different. In any case, the shoulder bag will be checked by airport staff when checking in or boarding a plane.

Modern norms and standards for hand luggage on the plane

Previously, a backpack was considered hand luggage, but since last year everything has changed. Now a passenger of an airliner can take on board up to 5 kg of belongings for free, and in addition pack a backpack and take it as an addition to his hand luggage. Previously, this was only allowed for small handbags and business briefcases with papers and laptops.

Since this accessory does not apply to hand luggage, in accordance with the Order, it can be equipped with additional things, in excess of the limit of 5 kg, and carried with you on board the aircraft.

Important! Each company sets its own dimensions of the backpack, which can be carried on board the airliner. The average parameters are 55x38x20 cm.

It is worth choosing models from fabric, so that when measured by airport employees, you can discreetly vary the volume of luggage. Rigid plastic or leather products may not go through the dimensions when measured in a validator.

The company also sets weight limits on its own. In most cases, the average weight of the backpack should be 7-12 kg. Some foreign carriers make it possible to transport a record 23 kg of hand luggage. In order not to get into an unpleasant situation and not to be forced to send a bag to the luggage compartment with an extra charge for overweight, it is better to check the weight of your backpack in advance.

Thus, today the backpack is not considered as hand luggage and can be taken on board the aircraft as an extra bag. The main thing is to study in advance the list of forbidden things that are strictly forbidden to be put inside the bag.

Typically, carriers that offer low-cost flights are more stringent about checking things during boarding and check-in. Usually, only one small place is allocated to a hand bag. Such companies may not be allowed into the salon with a shoulder bag that exceeds the permissible dimensions. In expensive airlines there will be more concessions, the backpack can be safely carried on board the liner.