Award for the worst suit: the most disastrous looks at the Oscars-2019

The Academy Award Ceremony is a large-scale event, followed by millions of people on planet Earth. Someone is rooting for their idol, someone is just having fun in this way, but someone (especially the female half) is closely watching the magnificent dresses of celebrities. But the stars do not always delight us with luxurious dresses. Some images even cause ridicule and indignation: "Well, haven't you seen yourself in the mirror?" So in 2019, several images were highlighted on the red carpet that will go down in history as the most disastrous. So, the Oscar for the most ridiculous costume gets ...

Billy Porter

That's who took all the public’s attention to himself, so this is the hero of the popular series “Pose”. Appearing at the ceremony in a long black velvet dress, he was hardly very surprised, since Billy repeatedly tried on female images. What did the actor want to express this? Nothing special. In an interview with an American publication, he admitted that he had long wanted to try on a magnificent ball gown and the Oscar-2019 ceremony seemed to him exactly the case when he could do it. Recall that Porter is openly gay and does not hide his relationship with Adam Smith, with whom he officially formalized relations back in 2017.

Emma Stone

If you look at the photo, being very hungry, it may seem that Emma put on a sausage. And if you have imagination, you can imagine that this is fried crucian carp or slightly fried Viennese waffle.

Renee Zellweger

Rene's dress is definitely a puzzle. Here either something superfluous, or just the details need to be interchanged. For example, if you remove the sleeves and sew them to the neckline, then it seems like the dress turns out pretty pretty.

Jemma Chan

One gets the feeling that Gemma remembered the ceremony only the night before and quickly glued herself an outfit of corrugated colored paper, which was lying around after school lessons. Judging by her facial expression, she still realized that this was not her best choice, because Chan simply had a delightful figure, which she hid so rashly behind this paper curtain.

Linda Cardellini

The actress, who played the main role in the Green Book (which received the Oscar), came only in the form of a pipidastra. It remains only to brush off the dust from the star scene. Another critical point was the too deep neckline and too expressive neckline below.

Sarah paulson

Perhaps Sarah would not have been honored to be on this list if it were not for the ridiculous cape on her shoulders, resembling a balloon, which, perhaps, solemnly adorned the recent event and was so blown away. Although, judging by the fact that the open belly of the actress is visible above the skirt, most likely, she just returned from an oriental dance lesson.

Helen Mirren

The incomparable actress, who played more than one “royal” role, whose talent is undeniable, chose to spoil her noble age with a full-length pink dress. Of course, regardless of age, a person has the right to choose clothes at his discretion, but it seems that the status of Helen imposes certain obligations on her that dictate not to combine incongruous.

Danai Gurira

The two-part star Avengers and The Walking Dead appeared at the ceremony in a long golden dress. Everything would be fine, but the material of the dress attracts you, I want to rustle more quickly. So this pleasant sound is heard - the rustling of candy wrappers from chocolates at night ...