Automatic blinds

In addition to the fact that the blinds protect the windows from the penetration of sunlight, they also perform a security function. Not only the appearance, but also the convenience of using modern types of curtains depends on which model you choose.

The principle of operation of automatic blinds

To open such a construction is not difficult. It is enough to press the button on the control panel and light enters the room. Curtains with lamellas or linen are controlled automatically by an electric motor. The convenience of this design will certainly be appreciated by those who like to sleep with tightly closed curtains, and waking up do not rush to get up to put light into the room, but uses an automatic opening system.

The blinds control systems come in several forms: in the form of a control panel, in the form of buttons mounted on the wall, like a switch, and it is also possible to control switching on and off from a telephone (smartphone). Modern on and off devices allow automatic blinds to be controlled both in open space and through walls. This greatly simplifies the use of the device and allows you to control the curtains at a distance, even when a person is not at home. Or open and close the curtains while in another room.

Benefits of various kinds

Blinds of various modifications have their positive and negative sides. Much depends on the purpose for which the curtains were purchased and how comfortable they are in everyday life. Let's try to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the presented models.

Horizontal blinds

They have a lot of advantages, among which:

  • the convenience of cleaning and wiping with a damp cloth and a conventional vacuum cleaner;
  • relatively budget option for the price;
  • do not take up much space and are suitable for small rooms;
  • the lamellas have such a coating that dust does not sit on it.

The disadvantages include:

  • yellowness from sunlight;
  • Do not hang next to heating appliances, near the stove, as the lamellas become worthless;
  • light penetrates through the strips, which ripples into the eyes.

Blinds Pleated

The advantages of this type of curtains:

  • the possibility of mounting on ceiling windows;
  • suitable for all types of windows;
  • ideal for those who live on the first floor, since the curtains are closed from the bottom up.

The disadvantages of the product include:

  • pleating is quickly leveled so that the curtains keep their shape for a short time;
  • small selection by color;
  • dirt is not removed from the paper, so curtains often have to be changed;
  • poorly let air into the room.

Vertical blinds

Advantages of curtains:

  • protect the room from the sun;
  • look great in the interior of almost any room;
  • possibly rotate the lamella around an axis, which allows you to vary the flow of light;
  • Suitable for different interiors.

Product disadvantages:

  • conceal the space, as they hang them on the front of the window;
  • in windy weather they make noise;
  • light enters into strips and it irritates the eyes;
  • lamellas have a length limit of up to 2 meters;
  • the fastening of the blinds transfers all the load to the ceiling;
  • dust accumulates.

Roller blinds

The positive qualities of this model of curtains include:

  • suitable for any type of window;
  • convenient to control and fix in height, thanks to the chain;
  • curtains do not fade, are treated with a special compound that prevents dust and dirt from settling;
  • can be used together with a curtain option curtains, they complement each other well.

The disadvantages include:

  • curtains must not be washed, so cleaning is difficult if dirty;
  • high price;
  • unstable to wear;
  • poorly tolerate moisture, which is formed as a result of condensation on the windows.

Cassette blinds

  • easy to install;
  • various colors;
  • suitable for any window shape;
  • do not take up much space;
  • convenient when cleaning, you can wipe with a damp cloth;
  • completely cover the window from sunlight;
  • “Cassette” allows you to further protect the window;
  • No need to drill a window when installing them.

Among the shortcomings can be noted:

  • you need to know the window parameters, sizes;
  • not suitable for small rooms;
  • To open them, you must use a special device.

Types of electric curtain rods

Cornices of this type can be fixed both on the ceiling and on the wall. You can control the curtains attached to the electric cornice at a distance. This allows you to easily use curtains on windows of any complexity, for example, where a bay window, panoramic windows, French. By type of eaves can be divided into:

  • sliding;
  • lifting.

Depending on the weight of the curtains, the electric version of the cornice is equipped with an electric drive. To lift or slide curtains made of any material.

Electric drive for blinds

The convenience of such a design is obvious, because it allows you to:

  • control blinds from a distance;
  • has a stylish look;
  • the ability to manage multiple views at once.

Of course, this device significantly improves the quality of the use of blinds and facilitates their management.

Advantages and disadvantages of automatic blinds

Advantages of automatic blinds:

  • a timer setting option that allows you to open and close curtains at a specific time interval;
  • ideal solution for windows located on the ceiling and attics;
  • convenience and reliable protection of the house from light, dirt and dust;
  • system reliability, capable of serving more than 5 years;
  • provide convenience when using blinds and allow curtains not to wear out for a long time.

The disadvantages include the cost of products. It is significantly higher than conventional curtains.

Types of electric blinds control methods

Management is carried out using:

  • control panel (remote mode, radio signal);
  • smartphone (quickly and conveniently manage curtains using a special application, you can use it from anywhere in the room);
  • circuit breaker.

The positive and negative sides of different types

The switch is convenient to use, since it is stationary and has a familiar design consisting of one or two keys. The disadvantages include the ability to control the curtain only if you go to the switch and press the keys (control only from one specific place in the room).

The smartphone provides convenience only for those who have a new generation of mobile phones. Not always acceptable and understandable for older people.

The control panel is convenient for everyone, but it should be handled carefully, refers to its use and always know where to leave it in the room, not to lose.


The standard set includes curtains, electric curtain, control panel. The design can be supplemented with accessories selected depending on the type of curtains.

The convenience of an electronic curtain control system has been appreciated by many families. Such a system provides additional reliability and allows unhindered use of blinds by all family members.