Asymmetric brand dresses - 2019/20 fashion

In the warm season, a dress becomes an indispensable part of the wardrobe of any woman. In addition, it is it that is able to give the image femininity.

Every year, designers delight fashionistas with stylish new products. So, in 2019/20, dresses of asymmetric styles will be especially popular.

Features of asymmetric styles 2019/20

Clothing asymmetric cut is always present in the fashion collections of each designer. After all, she makes the image gentle, feminine, elegant.

In 2019/20, such a style will please fashionistas with its variety. It can be both strict and concise models, and delicate, flowing.

In the 2019/20 season, asymmetric outfits will differ in elegance, a combination of several types of fabric, the use of contrasting colors and a combination of materials with different textures.

At the same time, models become less extravagant, so even a conservative fashion lover can try them on.

Solid asymmetrical dresses

Properly selected style and color of clothing can hide many of the shortcomings of the figure, while emphasizing all its advantages. For example, the use of clothes of one tone. This technique helps to look taller and slimmer.

No need to think that all the elements of the outfit should be made in one shade. Allowed the creation of various color variations.

The advantage of a monophonic outfit is that the dress looks advantageous, because it is the color that most often attracts the look of others. Therefore, a plain outfit visually makes its owner taller and slimmer.

Solid dresses are in great demand. Especially popular are models with an asymmetric collar and neck, train and sleeves. This outfit can be a great option for a wedding or prom.

With print

The print allows you to add originality to any clothes. It will be a wonderful decoration for both everyday and evening wear.

He will adorn the flowing summer asymmetric dress. Especially relevant will look like a floral print. Such a pattern will give the image lightness and femininity.

One sleeve dresses

One-sleeve models are among the most popular models. Such a style is equally well suited for a relaxed walk, and for a party.

Designers create many variations of this style. So, the sleeve may be completely absent, and may be replaced by a thin strap. Some models have additional cuts to give additional asymmetry.

Various fabrics are suitable for products of such a cut - both dense and light. For example, brocade, lace, satin, silk and many others.

These dresses look especially good in black, red, white, blue and green.

Important! This style is not suitable for every figure. For owners of a magnificent breast, the presence of a strap is mandatory, because without additional support, the breast will lose shape.

Evening and cocktail dresses

Asymmetric cut dresses themselves look spectacular and do not require a large number of additional decorations. Therefore, this style is very popular for cocktail and evening dresses. Despite the fact that they can be quite open and frank, the image will not look defiant.

Asymmetric cut cocktail outfit has recently become one of the most popular . A dress of this style, long or short - is an excellent option for attending a buffet or party.

Casual stylish clothes

Stylish dresses have long ceased to be just an option for publication. Nowadays, everyday styles are especially popular with fashionistas. They make sure competition to skirts and trousers.

The original asymmetric outfit can be a great option for everyday wear. If you choose the model correctly, you can create an elegant, restrained image, which will be a great option for both a romantic date and for the office.

Asymmetrical dress, beautiful and stylish, should become an integral part of the wardrobe of every fashionista. However, when choosing a model, it is important to consider the features of the figure, age. It is important to make the image feminine, not vulgar.