Arguments of Italian stylists against flesh-colored tights

There is nothing more universal than women's flesh-colored tights ! It seems that they can help out in any situation and will fit any wardrobe item. However, in one of the countries, namely in Italy, a recognized trendsetter, stylists have long opposed this ladies' accessory. Why did body stockings fall into disgrace and can they be worn after that? Let's try to figure out a difficult question.

Why do women wear tights in the summer

In our country, everyone has long been accustomed to bodily nylon products. It is not a flagrant violation of style if a girl puts them on with casual attire. This is especially true for women of different ages who live a normal life and are forced to correspond to the office dress code every day.

Important! It is in the codes of conduct, manners and dress code at the workplace that there is a clause that bare feet in the warm season is an unacceptable liberty.

Of course, such a requirement is not available in all companies. But nevertheless, the note that the girl should be modestly dressed in a businesslike manner suggests that she has stockings on her legs. These are generally accepted norms in our country, which came from the distant past.

Why Italian stylists are against

It is noteworthy that in Europe everything is completely different . For example, Italians prefer bare feet to flesh-colored tights. And women of this country constantly practice such images at work.

That is why in the civilized world tights to match the color of the skin have become a real antitrend .

Important! Stylists note that this is a "grandmother" option, and they are worn exclusively by ladies of old age due to physiological characteristics. For example, to hide a varicose mesh, give the legs a smooth effect and “throw off” several years.

Women from different countries actively picked up this idea. And this is not the first year they have been enjoying freedom of action, putting on even strict business attire without pantyhose.

A new trend has reached our country. Many ladies have already decided to go to work with bare feet and not be afraid to seem vulgar or devoid of a sense of style .

There is no complete refusal in Russia

In our country, flesh-colored tights do not cause such a denial. But our women do not want to look old-fashioned. In order not to completely abandon this detail of the wardrobe, but not look like an old woman, it is proposed to simply choose this accessory correctly and follow the generally accepted fashion trends . Then your onions will always be fresh and attractive.

How to choose body stockings

When choosing, you should pay attention to several parameters.


Putting on body stockings, you need to create the effect of their absence.

Advice! Stylists suggest paying attention to products with a density of 5 to 20 Den.

If a girl prefers a higher density, you need to choose a shade that will be as close as possible to the natural color of the skin .


It is unacceptable that the lower body in pantyhose differ in shade from the upper .

Attach material to your hand while trying on. If it merges with the color of your skin - this option is perfect!

Lurex - no!

At one time, shiny tights with various inserts in the form of shiny threads and other decorative elements became a real trend. But later, designers realized their mistake.

Such stockings flaunted the imperfection of the legs. Therefore, for a girl who wants to look stylish, only a matte accessory is definitely suitable.

Mesh or solid?

Mesh products will last longer than usual, but some employers strictly prohibit pantyhose in the net, as they consider them vulgar.

Advice! An ideal solution would be a microgrid, which will serve for a long time, but looks like ordinary pantyhose.

It is also important to choose tights to a certain image. If the dress can be worn without tights, and it does not look licentious and vulgar, feel free to wear it.

Today in our country there is wide access to many European sites, fashion magazines, online publications and other sources that give women information about the latest fashion trends. Russian and European stylists are not ready to fully support their Italian colleagues. They are convinced that body tights can and should be worn . But this should be done exceptionally correctly, without neglecting to study the basic principles of their choice.