Antitrends fall 2019

The upcoming season dictates new rules, and things that have ceased to interest the fashion community remain overboard. Do not miss the moment to learn about the main antitrends and keep abreast of the latest trends. What should one say goodbye without regret this fall?

Clothing that has no place in the autumn wardrobe

In order to audit the wardrobe, you need to know exactly what things are definitely not needed this fall.

Skirts and dresses

In the forefront of outsiders are skirts and dresses made of fine knitwear, tight-fitting figure . Firstly, such things often look shapeless, and secondly, make the image too vulgar. In addition, wearing thin knitwear, you demonstrate everything, even the smallest flaws in the figure .

It's also better to forget about the miniskirt this season!

Reference. The actual length below the knee, from midi to maxi.

You will not be mistaken, choosing a skirt of a free cut with an emphasis on the waist in the form of a wide belt. Set aside narrowed styles, let them wait for their time.

Leather skirts remain in trend, but you need to be careful when choosing a style. You risk adding vulgarity to the too-slim silhouette.

The best option is a skirt below the knees, free cut. Such models will fit into the autumn wardrobe without any problems.


The trend of abandoning tight and narrowed has reached the trousers.

2019 fall antitrends include:

  • low rise pants
  • skinny pants and jeans;
  • jeans that are too long, gathering accordion;
  • tight pants with stripes.

Tip. If you want to look fashionable, make sure that your jeans do not have embroideries or decorative ornaments at the bottom of the leg.

Yes! And boldly wear socks! The strip of the naked body at the ankle is also out of fashion!


Tight-fitting sweaters and turtlenecks added to the list of clothes that sent back to the mid-2000s. The emphasized frank silhouette has long been out of fashion.

Reference. Oversize has come to replace things "in the blink of an eye", which allows you to save the riddle, make the image more romantic and easy.

Shirts, blouses

Tight shirts are also out of fashion . This fall they were replaced on the catwalks of a free-cut model.

To create an actual image with a shirt, stylists advise emphasizing the waist line with a suitable belt. The emphasis on the waist is one of the main trends of the season.

Blouses with basques, collars of the "collar " type have lost relevance. Fortunately, finding a replacement is easy. The trend is large ruffles, so fans of the romantic style will be able to replenish the wardrobe with new items.

Outerwear that will make you old fashioned

Some models of outerwear appeared in the antitrends of fall-2019 - fashion couturiers did not present them at new shows. Suddenly, this list turned out to be the beloved black jacket, as well as the traditional autumn short coat .

Of course, this will upset many fashionistas, and to refuse such comfortable clothes is not easy. But if you firmly decided to follow the current trends, in cool weather, a short coat will be replaced by classic midi length models, trendy capes and lightweight bomber jackets.

With the onset of frost down jackets, sheepskin coats with colored fur will come in handy.

Tip. Do not wear a set of hats, scarves, gloves of the same knit and color. This trend is also a thing of the past.

You should not take with you a handbag with a print that repeats the print on clothes . It seems that fashion designers have decided to ban any boring images. But the number of fashion trends included fur, leather and knitted hats.

Shoes for the fall, which is better not to wear

Irrelevant this season will be, first of all, wedges on a wedge, any “glamor” and neon . Especially outdated multi-colored models with Velcro . If you like comfortable shoes in a semi-sports style, take a look at suede and leather “timberlands”.

To the delight of many, awkward ugg boots, which were always difficult to find suitable clothes and accessories, finally lost popularity . For men, this will be good news. Most of them simply can not stand this shoe, considering it shapeless and completely devoid of sexuality.

2019 anti-trends were joined by leg-fitting boots below the knee, especially models with heels of an incomprehensible shape. Typically, such models are abundantly decorated with accessories: buckles, rhinestones, etc. Such shoes can still be found in stores, so be careful!

If you want to stay in trend, try on tracking boots, suede over the knee boots or stylish “Cossacks”, which have become almost a classic. Another fashionable alternative is knee-length trumpet boots, options with a wide, slightly fitted flat top and a steady straight heel.

Tip. Forget about platform shoes with toes, velvet ankle boots, pointed cloth over the knee boots, and toe ankle boots.

And a couple of tips: if the toe of the shoe is rounded, then the heel must be stable and wide . And if sharp, then it can be a thin hairpin.

Give preference to patent leather, suede shoes. For lovers of bolder decisions, bright models with the current metallic effect will do.