Androgynous style - what is it?

Are you not indifferent to the masculine notes in women's clothing? Want to look stylish and stylish? Designers have prepared for you a lot of fashionable androgynous images. How to wear them correctly, we will tell in this article.

What is androgynous style?

This is a popular fashion trend. It is based on the subconscious desire of modern women to be strong and self-sufficient on a par with men. Such a lifestyle requires some brutality in the behavior of the weaker sex, the use of elements of a men's wardrobe.

Bright representatives of androgynous fashion are considered to be Andrei Pezhich and Freya Behi Eriksen, who radically changed the wardrobe for men.

Today, this fashion trend is still relevant for business women, and designer houses create entire collections of clothes to suit them.

This style is similar to oversize. The same volume of models, as if borrowed from men, steady shoes - all this creates a woman so much needed combination of unique style, coziness and comfort.

Apparent simplicity attracts a subtle harmony of minimalism, monochrome and laconicism .

To create intriguing stylish onions, it is best for girls to use individual androgynous elements without abusing the piquancy of images.

A hint of masculine style

This is clearly seen in the cut of many women's things, reminiscent of the clothes of a beloved man.

The role of the basic element is usually played by a classic white shirt complete with loose “boyfriend” jeans . Do you want to look more informal? Replace it with a blue blouse or a thin strip.

Important! Do not be afraid to play androgyny. And unique femininity will help you to keep high-heeled pumps.

Discreet color palette

The ideal solution in the androgynous style is the monochrome and restraint of the gamma. The best choice - solid colored outfits in neutral shades.

An interesting image is based on a harmonious combination of calm tones. Looks great sets of gray, white and black .

Advice! Feel free to experiment and dilute outfits with all shades of brown.

Focus on the watch

The success of the female image will be given by stylish men's watches. You will not lose, having made the main emphasis on laconic design without any decor.

The model with a massive round or square dial, a wide leather or metal strap will look great.

fashionable accessories

Androgyny is the minimum presence of accessories . The unique harmony of the image can be achieved by choosing a suitable fedora hat and massive brutal bracelets.

Wear comfortable low-heeled boots as a finishing touch.

Stylish wardrobe

Any style has its own fashionable directions and recommendations for creating an individual wardrobe. Androgynes also have special features. It is hardly enough to simply get stylish trousers, suspenders and a man’s coat. This image also needs to be beaten correctly.

Classic coat

A discreet “classic” coat is a special style and elegance. It will not only add unique charm and femininity to your image, but will also help you to feel comfort and warmth.

On cool days, French women like him to be considered unsurpassed world fashionistas. Their elusive charm is recognized throughout the universe.

Jackets, blazers, sweaters

The classic tuxedo has a well-deserved reputation as the most favorite item of clothing for men and women. This jacket model is loved by the most fashionable designers, transforming it into vests, all kinds of dresses, tunics, coats. It is better to give preference to moderate shades, but this does not apply to additional decoration and decor.

Another integral part of women's dresses are blazers and sweaters borrowed from men. They are preferred by such "goddesses of style" as Olivia Palermo and Emmanuel Alt.

On a note! Fashion trend: black skinny jeans + blazer.

Flat shoes

Do you like to walk? Then the androgynous style with its flat-bottomed boots will definitely suit you. An excellent choice in the spirit of modern fashion - loafers, slip-ons, moccasins.

On a note! Stylish charm and completeness of the image are guaranteed by pants-cigarettes + loafers. Great combination: leather pants + moccasins.


Are there many interesting models in your wardrobe? Do not rush to throw it away. The right combination of a skirt with men's-style things is what you need.

The best ensembles are an oversized shirt, a bomber jacket or a spacious, voluminous sweater.


For a long period they remained “overboard” of fashion trends. Both women of fashion and designers have undeservedly forgotten about them. Now everything has changed dramatically, and everyone is happy with the triumphant return of this chic outfit.

The main trend of the season is expensive velvet. This fabric is distinguished by luxury and unusual texture.

Important! To maintain style, a low heel should be worn with a trendy trouser suit. At the peak of modern fashion - a combination with sneakers.

A graceful bow will emphasize the classical severity of the female image : a three-piece suit of strict cut (gray or in a thin strip) + a laconic shirt + suspenders + a small bag-clutch of a brutal model + classic shoes.

Tight pants

The costume is not their "horse". They have long been independent and self-sufficient. And for the androgynous style, they are not replaceable at all. Allowed even the most non-standard everyday combinations . But it is better to abandon excessive far-fetchedness and cumbersomeness.

On a note! Stylists recommend the best combination: skinny pants + voluminous sweater + sneakers.

Nevertheless, one should not limit oneself within the framework of the “severe gloominess” of the color palette. Be creative and create rich images, enjoying fashion trends: trousers of dark tones (gray, dark blue, anthracite) + orange or yellow cardigan / burgundy coat / green jacket.

Layered clothing

Such outfits are the best choice in the cold season . Fashionistas are not afraid of any weather disasters with them. Each stylish woman will feel cozy and comfortable in these clothes.

For daily wear, the best ensemble is considered a shirt + a thick oversized sweater.

Advice! To always look fashionable, choose restrained and concise colors . It is absolutely inappropriate to have a bright decor.

Androgynous style - this versatility and breadth of fashionable combinations and experiments complete with unrivaled comfort and extraordinary charm. It suits business women. Creating your own individual image, it is important not to upset the delicate balance of femininity and brutality.