And it happens: fish skin clothes

In addition to scales, fish have skin, not many know. It is used to make various things, including clothes. The raw materials are very unusual, so it’s worthwhile to understand in more detail all the subtleties of the original material.

A little fish skin story

Such raw materials were especially popular among the indigenous inhabitants of the Amur region . From the skin of the fish, children's shirts were created, which served as additional amulets for children. People believed that such an object was endowed with special protective properties. Also , shaman costumes, shoes and special amulets were made from fish skin .

Dressing fish skin used to take a lot of time and was labor intensive. It all started with the removal of the scales. Then thorough cleaning and washing were required. Then it was necessary to dry the skin. At this moment, it hardened, became tougher. Using a special machine and bone knives, the raw materials were crumpled. This made it possible to obtain material suitable for making clothes.

Now a similar method of processing raw materials is no longer used.

Fish skin benefits

This material is one of the most valuable. It is used in many fields, from cooking to clothing. Previously, fish was part of non-waste production. It was used almost completely, including scales. Among the advantages of raw materials it is worth noting:

  • Lightness and durability.
  • Allows to protect from rain and wind, does not get wet.
  • It keeps heat well.
  • Good wear resistance due to the close proximity of the material fibers.
  • Security. Raw materials can even be used for children's clothing. Its processing is safe enough for the environment.

What kind of fish is used?

Each type of fish has certain features, based on which it can be used for a specific type of clothing. Among the most popular:

  • Burbot . His skin is durable, able to withstand the heaviness of several pounds. Therefore, it is used for sewing shopping bags.
  • Sturgeon breeds . Suitable for shoes or tires that cover the load.
  • Pike Great for making shoes.
  • Shark The material is durable, lightweight and flexible. Strength characteristics are several times better than buffalo skin. Once the material was used for tailoring jackets for pilots.

Reference! Before processing, the thickness of the shark skin can be about 10 cm. After dressing it leads to the desired thickness, but the strength does not decrease from this.

  • Ramp . It’s rare to get this stuff. It has excellent strength, but is difficult to process. Well suited for sewing outerwear, does not absorb moisture and practically does not get dirty.

What did you sew from fish skin before?

Previously, raw materials were used for sewing various substances . The safety of the material, as mentioned above, made it possible to sew clothes even for children. They made different things, including costumes for shamans, they trimmed outer clothing with fish skin. Due to the strength, it was possible to create good shoes. Also, raw materials were used to create various accessories (for example, covers for knives) and other household items.

Modern fish skin products

Recently, this raw material is gaining popularity. It is as exclusive as reptile skin. World famous designers managed to pay attention to the material and introduce it into their collections.

John Galliano created pink salmon leather shoes to fill Dior boutiques around the world . This material is the most durable, so Skini liked the company from Scotland. They launched the production of bikinis from this raw material.

Also, the designers of one of the companies in Argentina developed and released sneakers from the skin of the herring family .

A feature of fish skin is the small size of the pieces of material, so it is often used for small things - gloves, belts, bags, wallets and jewelry.

The unique pattern and color scheme make raw materials popular. An additional advantage is its strength.