Amazing finnish style of clothing

Even if a woman does not admit, anyway, everyone would like to hear in her address “she is so stylish!” But the reality, as they say, is harsh. And really stylish ladies we meet not so often. This is usually said when an integral and harmonious image is created. This is what a woman who chooses Finnish style looks like. Do you know that it is considered impeccable ? Want to know why? We will tell you!

Highly rated Jacqueline Kennedy

When John Kennedy became president of the United States of America, his wife Jacqueline was only 31 years old. And, of course, society was fascinated by her youth and elegance. The press and the public noted her impeccable and concise outfits .

REFERENCE! Before John became the American president, Jacqueline acquired seven outfits of the Finnish brand Marimekko.

Everyone noted the elegance of the costumes. They were modest, but at the same time emphasized the figure of the young first lady in the most advantageous way . However, they were fashionable and official at the same time.

INTERESTING! Finnish dresses laid the foundation for the image of elegance of Jacqueline Kennedy, with whose light hand impeccability has become the main characteristic of the Finnish style.

A noble customer was beneficial for Marimekko. Indeed, thanks to such advertising, the European brand has firmly established itself at the world level and has become increasingly popular.

The peculiarity of the style was in the simplest, most comfortable, and at the same time elegant and non-inviting things . They were able to maximally emphasize individuality, and they did it very subtly.

What is Finnish clothing style?

Finnish or Scandinavian style originated in the 30s of the last century.

Characteristic features of the style:

  • minimalism or conciseness;
  • simple forms;
  • most often discreet colors;
  • interesting textures based on natural and coarse threads;
  • exclusively natural fibers that ensure environmental friendliness.

Dressing is allowed in clothing, but it must also obey the laws of minimalism or national traditions.

The main thing that attracts such clothes is a high degree of comfort . Cut, style, every detail thought out so that the person was comfortable. And this applies not only to everyday, but also to festive things, as well as shoes.


If you want, like Jacqueline Kennedy, to stick to the Finnish style, you should know about such an important requirement as the ethics of clothing.

IMPORTANT! The impossibility of using such materials that require the destruction of animals, that is, leather, fur, is embedded in the concept of ethics. Instead, synthetic materials are used.

National decor

And, of course, not a single Scandinavian wardrobe can do without traditional patterns. They received recognition from their own population, who wears sweaters, cardigans, and turtlenecks with northern motifs with pleasure. And also managed to win the world podium.

Basic wardrobe

If you describe the basic women's wardrobe of the Scandinavian (Finnish) style, then it necessarily includes a large number of knitwear of very different knitting: from thin to large - for clothes in the style of oversize.

Traditionally, the wardrobe includes:

  • classic and knitted dresses;
  • vests: jacquard and fabric with a synthetic fur edge;
  • for winter - poncho, sheepskin coats, down jackets, which are often decorated with national motifs;
  • for summer - light sundresses of a simple direct silhouette with a variety of lace and ornaments.

IMPORTANT! Additional features of the Finnish style are layering and simplicity.

One thing is certain with confidence: it is such a wardrobe that will not only make you feel comfortable, but also help you look modern and impeccable.