All children's fears at a fashion show (Moschino Resort 2020)

Moschino is magnificent, as always! The next collection in a shocking style with a spicy admixture of horror attracted the attention of the whole world. I have been following designer Jeremy Scott for a long time, and in June 2019 he held such an amazing show that I can not help but tell!

How it was

To begin with, Jeremy Scott is very prolific in creative ideas, he creates five collections a year for the Italian fashion house and two for his brand, which regularly takes part in New York Fashion Week. His extravagant finds are in line with Moschino traditions and global trends.

Jeremy Scott has been interested in fashion since childhood, reading Vogue instead of comics at school breaks. His first collection was ... Paper medical gowns! The designer immediately showed unconventional thinking, which attracted attention to him.

The Moschino Resort 2020 collection has been shown in an appropriate setting that sends us from hot June to autumn Halloween. The show took place at the Universal Studios pavilion in Los Angeles. Gothic, children's fears, memories of the best action films - all mixed up in an enchanting cocktail of images.

We recall children's fears

Like a Halloween carnival, Moschino led through the catwalk a string of familiar villains and monsters from childhood. Scott is still a man who is very rich in fiction, so his fantasy presented us with a real kaleidoscope of neon, bright prints and volume, seasoned with inveterate evil spirits.

The models clearly sent us to the film “Radiance”: an eerie-looking twins and a juicy inscription on the dress “Redrum” . A blonde in a white dress, embraced by a gigantic black hand, hinted at King Kong. Not without the classics of the genre: Dracula, clowns, witches, ghosts, pumpkins, mummies and devils.

Everyone was scared

The atmosphere of the horror movie turned out "at its best"! I immediately recall witch hats, characteristic horns, ghostly drawings, rough seams of the Frankenstein monster and the web, like a wrap wrapping a display in fog on the verge of reality. Numerous critics agreed that the model depicting a scarecrow became the most eerie way. The monster with a bag on his head, with straw sticking out over his shoulders, interrupted his way along the podium and stared ominously at the guests ... Goosebumps sneak, even if you just watch the video of this show!

Of course, there was a very frivolous dress made of tulle, decorated with a pattern with a ghost. The costume was complemented by a black cap and snow-white boots. In general, it was not scary, but cute.

The final chord was a gorgeous bride’s dress, referring us to the legendary cartoon “Corpse of the Bride”. Let me remind you that the author of the masterpiece is the inimitable Tim Burton.


It is difficult to single out one trend in the collection. The result was an alloy of shocking, fantasy and art. These are not outfits for every day, they are more like a collection of costumes for the carnival, but - made by the hand of the master, and not sewn on the knee the night before the event. Each image is unique!

From designer finds, I want to highlight several interesting points:

  1. Layered skirts. They looked bigger than the models themselves, but inspired experiments!
  2. Spiky hats with wide brim. If you remove the cone, then we can talk about the return to fashion of wide-brimmed hats that go to many types of faces.
  3. Themed handbags in the shape of a black cat's head or pumpkin are suitable for appropriate parties or for fans of shocking.

If you look at the Moschino cruise collections, in general, you can highlight a couple of trends:

  • neon: now many fashion houses beat him from all sides;
  • a clear emphasis on the waist, the silhouettes cease to be shapeless.

Hollywood cinema has long brought the designer a significant portion of inspiration. It’s even a little surprising that these outfits did not appear before!

Many celebrities love Jeremy Scott: Keri Hilson, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan, Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna and many other famous personalities!

It was an amazing, atmospheric show! He caused numerous discussions in the most elite fashion circles. A fantastic fusion of creativity and creativity against a Gothic backdrop attracts attention and forces you to watch the catwalk to the end, enjoying every detail.