Age is not an obstacle to fashion!

Who said that a woman, having crossed a certain age limit, should forget about fashion? You can be stylish and fashionable at any age! A woman ages gracefully and like wine, from time to time she gets better. Let's take a fresh look at fashion and a mature woman.

How to be stylish in adulthood

Famous stylists say that age has nothing to do with style. The style of a woman does not depend on how old she is. There are several rules by which you can always stay stylish.

Buy what will be worn

  • Do not buy a thing for one occasion . Of course, a birthday, New Year or a wedding are the holidays for which you want to buy something unusual, bright and memorable. But as a rule, this clothing is worn only once, and then hangs in the closet. Try to buy something more classic, such as a blouse . It can be white, cream, peach, additionally decorated with lace. This blouse can be worn with different clothes and accessories. And she will always be the basis of an elegant look!
  • Do not buy even a very beautiful thing if it does not fit in size . The promise to yourself that you will lose weight by the summer is rarely fulfilled. Be realistic and honest with yourself: overly tight clothing hints that it is small, but not at all elegant!
  • Buy only those clothes in which you feel confident and comfortable .

Important! Any inconvenience - somewhere pulling, narrow, poorly fastens or does not like the color - will soon lead to disappointment. Wearing such a thing, you will not feel confident.

Keep in mind: you can’t hide it from others ! So, an unsuccessful purchase will fall on a shelf in the closet for a long time.

  • Sales are not always good . If you bought a blouse for mere pennies, this does not mean that you will wear it with pleasure. Most likely, she has already gone out of fashion, and will make you old-fashioned, not stylish. Surely it will hang more often in your closet than used. And the money wasted!
  • Apply the one-to-one rule . When you bought a new item, immediately give or sell the old unnecessary. You will never buy anything superfluous, knowing that you have to part with something special from your wardrobe. And in the closet there will be no extra things that are out of fashion and only harm your image.

Pay attention to fashion trends.

  • For ladies of mature years in 2019, light green, cream and whitened ashy colors are in fashion . The light palette is refreshing and youthful.

Important! Living coral shade - 2019 color. A great opportunity for any woman to revive her wardrobe! Clothing, accessories, cosmetics, any accent of coral color will add charm and energy.

  • The main trend of the spring-summer season is a loose fit of clothes . Such a cut allows the lady to feel free in fashionable clothes.
  • Layering is another fashion trend. Feel free to combine two or three elements of the wardrobe, creating an elegant look.

Advice ! Dress pants, a blouse, an elongated jacket, medium-heeled shoes, a light scarf around the neck - a stylish bow for any choice.

Topical things for a stylish wardrobe

  • Chinos - cropped loose pants made of soft natural fabric - are indispensable for women of mature age. Choose a suitable color (for example, a delicate salmon color) and combine with an elongated tunic, vest or white blazer.
  • Sheath dress is a stylish and versatile thing for women who are confident in their figure. This dress can be combined with anything. Choose a better neutral color, and the fabric should be of high quality.
  • A-line dresses are very popular today. In addition, they provide an excellent opportunity not to focus on the figure. Do you like bold experiments? A bright color accent will give your image more audacity. Choose an indigo or emerald color and you will be out of competition!

Age obliges: elegant, but not funny!

It is no secret that all women in age are not averse to looking younger. And many are actively seeking to dress like young people. Be careful! Youth style is not for everyone!

Here are typical mistakes that spoil the look of even the most attractive woman.

  • Low-waist jeans are definitely not your style. High-rise jeans that fit your belly will suit you.
  • Tight leggings are designed for beautiful, long, slender and young legs. Whether to wear such is up to you.
  • Mini skirts in very rare cases look good on ladies aged. Leave them to young schoolgirls!
  • Replace short (above the knee) shorts with shorts knee-deep or slightly lower.
  • T-shirts and t-shirts with an open stomach are possible, but only if you are a fitness instructor or yoga teacher. In other cases, cover your stomach!
  • Tights and stockings with a bright pattern look ridiculous in any outfit.

Create a stylish look

Creating a stylish look requires effort and time. Each woman, following these tips, will get an impressive result.

Basic Rules

  • Consider individual features . Mark all the advantages of the figure that you want to emphasize, and the flaws - they must be hidden.
  • Choose your underwear so that it does not stand out under clothing.
  • Define your color type (autumn, winter, spring, summer) and choose clothes and accessories for it.
  • Observe the principle of relevance . Do not repeat the mistakes we talked about above.
  • Always have basic things in your wardrobe (cardigan, dress, jeans, white blouse, straight-cut trousers, a skirt knee-deep or on the palm below the knee).
  • Accessories are our everything ! A neckerchief or an elegant silk scarf will emphasize your personality! Buy yourself a nice bag. It can be a transformer bag or another model. But the bag must be stylish.
  • Wear modern shoes ! Classic black high-heeled shoes, comfortable sneakers, sandals with medium heels or flat shoes are those models that you can not do without!

Components of success: fashion trends, convenience, personality

  • In order to dress fashionably and stylishly, it is not necessary to buy fashionable clothes of the latest collections . Try to find a balance between fashion trends and your personality.
  • Acquainted with fashion trends, pay attention to those that do not cause you internal discomfort . And if this feeling arose, do not “break” yourself just because the designers announced something fashionable!
  • Remember: you deserve comfortable clothing! I liked the thing, tried it on, but are you uncomfortable? Put off the model: after you pay for it, it will not become more convenient!

And further. Do you remember the words that the heroine of Tatyana Vasilyeva ordered Irina Muravyova to repeat? Yes yes exactly! You too are the most charming and attractive! Remind yourself of this more often!