The advantages of paperbag trousers over jeans

Changeable fashion annually raises the next novelty to the peak of popularity. Sometimes the trend of the season is the well-forgotten old. A great gift for fashionistas will be the 2019 bestseller - paperbag pants.

The concept of "paper bag waist" came to us from the 80s of the last century.

Reference! The literal translation of this English phrase means "waist, like a paper bag." It is the bandaged neck of the paper bag that forms such folds above the ties that we can see above the belt of trousers of a fashionable style.

Fashion experts predict crazy popularity for this model . And they even claim that paperbag trousers are quite capable of replacing even the eternal hit of all seasons in universal wardrobe of fashionable and stylish women - universal jeans.


  • Features of cut and model options
  • Cut
  • the cloth
  • Color
  • Who is paperbag designed for?
  • How to wear a fashionable model
  • What to wear
  • How to create a fashionable image
  • How to combine with outerwear
  • Suitable shoes

Features of cut and model options

What is interesting about this style?


The cut of the trousers provides a high waist, an adjustable belt, the upper edge of the trousers above the belt, similar to the edge of a candy wrapper . As well as soft drapery or folds from under the belt, creating volume in the hips.

As for the width of the legs, then options are possible: from very wide flying trousers to skinny ones. It all depends on the fabric and season.

The length also varies. A wide leg cut is usually found in long models. Length 7/8 is also quite popular. Moreover, fashion designers say that the most daring fashionistas will be irresistible in paperbag shorts.

the cloth

The choice of fabric in the case of paperbag is fundamental.

The best choice is fairly soft and drapable fabrics .

  • Summer option - viscose, linen, cotton .
  • In winter, it is very cozy and comfortable in trousers made of soft wool or gabardine with the addition of mixed fibers .

Important! Knitwear of sufficient density is an ideal fabric for the style of paperbag.

  • An evening out gives room for imagination. Silk, chiffon, suede, velvet and even lace trousers with drapery at the waist, tied with a shiny strap are appropriate here.

Advice! Instead of a strap, you can use a belt stylized as jewelry.


The color scheme is, of course, the individual choice of a woman. But this season, at the peak of popularity, beige color and shades of peach, sand, cream, cream are close to it .

Who is paperbag designed for?

Do not believe it - stylists claim that the secret of the popularity of this model is precisely in the fact that it suits almost all women.

Reference! The emphasized waist and freedom in the hips, as well as the playful build above the belt, look feminine. At the same time, they emphasize the dignity of the figure and mask a few extra centimeters and kilograms.

  • Of course, such pants will look perfect on girls with an hourglass figure. But the happy owners of such a figure, in principle, are not limited in the choice of styles.
  • "Pears" are often complex when choosing clothes and sometimes even refuse trousers. Paperbag in this case is just a godsend! They accentuate a thin waist and disguise excessive virtues in the hip area.
  • T little cane girls of small stature can safely pick up a novelty in their wardrobe. The main thing is not to forget about heels ! And you can also emphasize the slender legs with a narrower cut leg.

Important! Unfortunately, there are those to whom this model is contraindicated: these are girls with a short or unexpressed waist and a massive bust. This is typical for an apple-like figure. The very high waist of the trousers will visually reduce the distance between the chest line and the waist even more.

How to wear a fashionable model

Paperbag pants make it possible to combine them in a variety of combinations .

What to wear

Important! Only one rule should be observed: the upper part must be tucked into trousers, otherwise the “highlight” of the model is simply lost.

T-shirts, blouses, turtlenecks, shirts, bodysuits are perfect companions for the trend of the season.

Owners of good physical shape and perfect abdomen can afford a very sexy combination of paperbag trousers and a crop top that opens a strip of leather over the belt.

How to create a fashionable image

A plus of the hit of the season was the fact that paperbag fit into a variety of clothing styles .

To the office

Office option involves a combination with shirtless blouses or turtlenecks . At the same time, pants with a slim fit look organically. And if the girl, in addition, is the owner of a thin ankle, then the length of 7/8 will create not only a business, but also a very elegant image .


The casual style is sustained if a knitted slim cardigan is a companion. Even a hand-knitted sweater is possible.

Important! The main thing is that the patterns on the sweater should not be too embossed, and the length should not overlap the waistline.

Evening outfit

Evening outing allows for graceful tops, expensive silk fabrics and elegant accessories .

How to combine with outerwear

Paperbag trousers are mixed with outerwear. Fitted jackets up to the middle of the thigh, jackets, jackets or an open cardigan that does not hide the emphasized waist - you choose.

Suitable shoes

In conclusion, a few words regarding shoes. The trend of the season refers to fairly democratic clothing . A combination with wedge sandals, and with ankle boots, and with espadrilles is allowed . And even with sneakers, which, as you know, are now worn by everyone. But the perfect win-win option is high-heeled shoes.