Actual outerwear for fall-2019

Soon, the hot sun and warm breeze will be replaced by rains and a piercing autumn wind. Have to warm up! So, it's time to choose outerwear. Do not think that it will hide your attractiveness! Outerwear, which can not be dispensed with in cold weather, can also be stylish. Look what designers have prepared for us, and you will see this.

Fashion trends of outerwear for fall-2019

The collections that were presented at fashion shows help to see the current trends of the current season.

  • Shapelessness is a clear favorite of the season. This type of clothes includes oversized and beloved by many.

  • Animalistic coloring . Imitation of animal skin again settled on the fashionable Olympus, and the most popular was the leopard print.

  • Plant patterns . It can be unusual creepers, beautiful flowers or leaves.

Attention! Choosing printed outerwear, complement it with plain accessories (scarf, handbag, shoes).

These forms are suitable for women of different physique and age.

  • Figure " cell ". This pattern makes coats, jackets, trench coats, ponchos, capes, and faux fur coats fashionable.

Despite the large selection of print options, the red and black version will be the undisputed favorite.

  • Contrast fur trim on the open edge of the product. Usually in this way they fringe the collar zone, sleeves and hem.

Most often, this element is found on sheepskin coats and jackets.

Styles and models of fashionable outerwear for fall-2019

Having become acquainted with the trends, we will move on to the products that we will need this fall.

Knitwear: coats and cardigans.

These models are most appropriate at the beginning of the fall season, when a warm day is replacing the morning cold.

To look modern, pay attention to volumetric models and asymmetric designs.

Handmade products not only emphasize female fragility and beauty, but also allow you to stand out.


Another opportunity to warm up at the beginning of the cold season. They are indispensable elements of a business wardrobe.

In 2019, we are offered to use elongated models and restrained, laconic styles .


We are offered so many fashionable coats that there is no doubt: each lady will find “her”.

It can be an elegant classic version that will add harmony and will be appropriate both in a business style and in a romantic outfit.

At the peak of popularity, free models remain that harmoniously combine with many elements of the wardrobe.

This season's trend is military style stuff.

These coats resemble a military uniform. Their design uses chevrons, stripes and other decor.

Trench coat

You can’t do without a cloak in the fall! A fashionable trench coat can be combined with a miniskirt as well as with a dress or trousers.

Pay attention to the raincoats, in the decoration of which material with a checkered print is used. This is very fashionable!


Different types of wraps (for example, a poncho) were to the liking of fashionistas.

Such things are practical and original, suitable for different types of female figures.

Reference. In 2019, capes became the fashion trend - capes without sleeves, but with slots for the hands.

Manufacturers have tried, the choice of different types of wraps is diverse.


When autumn moves to its final stage, it is necessary to warm more seriously. In this case, you cannot do without parks. Moreover, she became another hit of the season.

This year, due to the use of material with bright colors, they look new.

In such a jacket it will be comfortable to meet the winter!

As you can see, the choice of outerwear for the autumn wardrobe is extensive. Choose taking into account fashion trends and your own taste, wear with pleasure. You will definitely be able to add charm to this dull, but wonderful time!