90–60–90: myth or ideal? Which figure is considered ideal today

Social tastes from century to century dictate a variety of norms and rules. There is such a norm for a female figure. For many years it was believed that a figure with proportions of 90–60–90 was ideal. Who invented this norm? Is it relevant today? Let's figure it out together!

90–60–90 - Really Ideal?

In fact, these proportions are rather a way of standardization in the fashion world. Women who are not going to go to the podium, to such a size to strive for absolutely nothing.

When did these parameters appear

With the active development of television and video advertising at the end of the 20th century, it became clear that in the frame the human body looks a little more than in reality . In an attempt to correct such a deception of vision and achieve exceptional attractiveness of models, designers went to a small trick. Special demands began to be made on girls in the fashion industry, the main of which was a fragile miniature figure.

The advantage of this innovation was the convenience of production. Making costumes for the next fashion show is much easier if you do not think about the size .

The Myth of Marilyn Monroe

Why thin girls were selected in the model is understandable. But why exactly 90–60–90?

The version of the origin of increased interest in the notorious ideal was the popularity of the 60's star Marilyn Monroe.

The delicious figure of the idol of that time just exactly corresponded to the proportions mentioned above. But it should be borne in mind that the growth of the diva was only 166 cm.

However, the taller girls were not particularly worried. Everyone wanted to be as beautiful as beloved Marilyn! So, they wanted to have the same shapes and dimensions.

Are there any 90-60-60 models?

The most interesting thing is that besides Monroe herself, no one exactly matched the generally accepted characteristics.

Important! Many celebrities can boast of a seductive figure, elastic belly and voluminous forms, but not 90-60-60.

The closest parameters can be seen in such famous beauties as:

  • Monica Bellucci (92–62–92);

  • Penelope Cruz (89–62–92);

  • Naomi Campbell (86–61–86);

  • Stephanie Seymour (85–58–85).

As you can see, none of them corresponds to the "gold standard" of beauty. But at the same time, each has an army of fans and many merits. Their bodies look perfect even without exact conformity to their favorite fashion designers dimensions.

Which figure is considered ideal today

Fortunately, modern girls are more and more thinking about their health than about any centimeters.

Important! The increasing popularity of body positivism and the appearance of plus-size models on the catwalks show that ideals are changing again.

The main thing is that this time people do not fall into new extremes.

How are proportions set

Nutritionists say that for each person it is possible to calculate specific values ​​for the circumference of the hips, waist, chest, and also the whole body weight, which will be normal in his case.

This is not as difficult as it seems. To find out the optimal weight, you need to subtract 100 cm from the growth value and another 10% of the obtained value.

Reference. Waist, the size of which is from 60 to 70% of the volume of the hips, is a sign of a proportional figure. An additional condition: the volume of the chest and hips should be approximately equal.

Different ideals of figures for different countries

Historically, the culture and customs of individual parts of the world are very different from each other. Representatives of different nations have their own ideas about female beauty.


Asian girls strive to be as petite and fragile as possible. Moreover, in some countries, a pretty face is most valued, and in others they attach special importance to a thin neck.


They love harmony here. It is not necessary to have a small stature, but it is desirable to have a toned body!

Thus, Italians strive to demonstrate a thin waist, and the Netherlands - long slim legs.


In Africa, women do not follow strict diets to keep fit. Residents of these places from birth have an amazing sense of proportion, which does not allow too much to eat. In addition, their lifestyle obliges always to be in motion.


But Americans appreciate both the wasp waist and magnificent forms. Any girl’s dream here is an hourglass figure. Especially successful in this resident of Peru and Mexico.

The beauty of every woman is in her personality.

Ideal 90–60–90 fade into the background and do not mean much even in the fashion industry. Therefore, to go crazy for the sake of some numbers has long made no sense!