7 Ways to Wear Bralettes

Do you dream to replenish your wardrobe with fashionable bralette? How to create a stylish look and not look vulgar? There are at least seven known ways that designers offer.

With sports pants

Such bralettes are usually sewn from knitwear. Gray melange is best. Black and white tones will look great . Modern fashionistas usually use wide elastic bands as a decor, where capital letters indicate the name of the manufacturer, a common slogan.

In this outfit, you can go straight to a rave party.

Over t-shirts

Clothing manufacturers often offer pre-made sets. The classic version of a street style: any kind of bralette + T-shirts in gray or white.

Important! A categorical “no” to ensembles with short “mini” and tight-fitting pants.

But they are perfectly combined with jeans of a free cut and stylish capes with oriental motives .

Such an image in the format of the 1990s is quite appropriate at all kinds of music festivals . The main thing is to carefully think through everything on the principle of "simple, but with taste."

With costume

In this case, we are talking about evening relaxation . And even if a woman is an opponent of tuxedos at gala parties, considering them too prim, she should change her mind.

The suit in combination with a double-breasted jacket and high waist trousers perfectly complement the fashionable bralette. This openwork accessory will give a strict female image a certain magical appeal. At the same time, it is recommended to unfasten only a few top buttons of the jacket.

High skirt

For a romantic dinner, a skirt with a high waist, complete with a suitable bralette, is quite suitable .

Such an ensemble requires compliance with a number of conditions:

  • perfectly flat stomach;
  • the bralette is a little like a simple bra in shape, and the fabric is rather dense;
  • the hem of the skirt has a length not higher than the middle of the lower leg (but not required).

Options with an asymmetric skirt look spectacular:

Over shirt

The color scheme for bralettes has no limits, but it is better to dwell on black . The shirt, according to stylists, should be exclusively white or blue.

Such sets are an excellent replacement for short vests and tops that are a thing of the past. If desired, they can be worn by both young students and office workers.

Under a transparent top

Forget about translucent turtlenecks forever. Today we are talking about a stylish top from a large mesh . It is quite permissible to hint a little about belonging to a sports style, limiting ourselves to a rubber band with stripes or with large letters and signs.

The trend of the season is “innocence itself”: boiled white bralette + translucent top mesh.

And here it is important to observe the ethics of the presence of such a bow. In other words, what is good at evening parties is absolutely contraindicated for offices and student audiences.

Under the top with open shoulders and cutouts

Harmoniously combining a certain model of a top and bralette with a neckline on the back, open shoulders or large side armholes is not so simple. Such a set requires the presence of good taste, so as not to break the fine line between beauty and excessive nakedness. Only skillful fashionable women can solve this problem.

Do not deny yourself the desired purchase. The main thing is to think through your image well and choose a suitable ensemble. Then bralette will always be appropriate.