7 stars who chose obviously uncomfortable shoes

It just so happened that sometimes ladies have to sacrifice convenience for the sake of beauty. For this, the fair sex has to undergo painful cosmetic procedures and buy uncomfortable wardrobe items, which include shoes. Heels and high platforms are what most often cause us inconvenience. But what kind of experiments are celebrities ready to do to shine?

Kristen Stewart in big shoes

Has it ever seemed strange to you that many stars pose on the carpet with their legs crossed? This method not only helps to visually narrow the legs, but also hides shoes that are large by one size. This does not happen at all because the star did not find the shoes of her size that she liked: this is the stylists' life hack. Spending all night on stilettos is very inconvenient, legs swell and hurt for a long time. Therefore, the stars put on shoes in which there is a space "in reserve". By the way, this method helps to avoid corns. But is it so convenient? Decide for yourself.

Lady Gaga on a giant platform

Lady Gaga is famous for her eccentric images. Shoes are an integral part of the whole bow, and in this case, the singer decided to focus on them. Fans for a long time remembered her black ankle boots on an incredibly large platform under his toe.

Experiments Kim Kardashian

Once the paparazzi captured a star in high translucent heels when she was pregnant. In the future, these same shoes almost brought the star to the hospital bed, since plastic heels constantly "left" from under the feet of a celebrity.

Kim Kardashian is popular for her experiments: she often shines in public in high sliding boots “walkers” or in shoes with heels staggering. By the way, Kim’s love of plastic shoes didn’t disappear after that incident: even now she often appears on the street in high transparent plastic jack boots. One can only guess how the legs feel in plastic shoes.

Fancy Angelina Jolie Shoes

At the premiere of the popular movie, Angelina Jolie lit up in a beautiful white dress and amazing shoes . White shoes with a pointed toe had a rather strange heel configuration: it was bent and resembled the ornate handle of a teapot.

Daphne Guinness in ankle boots

Daphne Guinness is known for her passion for unusual things that set her apart in public. Paparazzi for a long time remembered celebrity booties - on an unusually high platform, but without a heel. We can only wonder how the star did not fall, moving on such unusual shoes.

Alicia Rainer in weird sandals

Alicia appeared in public in sandals, which seem to contain all the most uncomfortable things that can be in shoes: a plastic jumper on the side of the sock, constantly falling down rough ribbons and a transparent beveled heel. It is worth paying tribute to the star who brilliantly spent the whole evening in such sandals.

Marion Cotillard and shoes with statuette heels

Our top is completed by Marion Cotillard, who appeared in public in light sandals with rather strange heels. The fact is that ivory heels are made in the form of unpretentious figurines that seem to support the heel of a celebrity. Such an original decision made the image of a celebrity unique, but are these shoes so comfortable? God alone knows.

Celebrities are ready for anything in order to stand out among the rest. Blood, sweat and inconvenience are hidden behind sparkling smiles. It would seem that their life is full of luxury and glory, but you have to pay a high price for this.