6 mistakes we make when we pack our suitcases on vacation

The long-awaited moment of vacation comes and it is time to pack. How to take everything you need and eventually not end up with ten suitcases? As an experienced tourist, I share six mistakes that are most often made during training camps.

Do not take care of your health

Always put safety at the forefront! The first thing you need to buy before your vacation is an insurance policy ! No one is safe from an accident, injuries or serious poisoning are likely to require medical attention.

Having saved a couple of thousand on insurance, in an emergency we can pay much more and leave the vacation with an empty wallet.

Be sure to collect a first aid kit! If you take drugs constantly, it is better to take with a margin than to look for a pharmacy in an unfamiliar city. But in a sparsely populated resort and on the islands you may not find the right medicine ... So, my advice is - do not risk it!

What must be in the medicine cabinet

I give a small universal cheat sheet, supplement according to your own state of health:

  • bandage;
  • brilliant green, iodine or chlorhexidine;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • bactericidal patch;
  • activated carbon, Smecta;
  • aspirin;
  • pain medication;
  • panthenol.

Do not forget that in some countries there are endemic diseases, which must be vaccinated in advance!

Put all documents in a suitcase

Baggage can be lost, so we put passports, policies, powers of attorney for children and other documents in a bag. Hand luggage is always with us! For reliability, I advise you to scan or photograph all documents, copies should be duplicated:

  • by e-mail;
  • carry in your purse and leave the originals in the hotel safe;
  • leave on your phone and tablet.

If you lose your passport, you should be able to prove your identity at the police or consulate.

Do not check your luggage with jewelry, keys, contact lenses and glasses.

Take away the whole wardrobe

At the training camp, it seems to us that for two weeks we will constantly change clothes, change outfits. No! This is a mistake that leads to a heavy bag, excess baggage, but in the end you come home and you understand that everything was in vain. What to bring with you?

  1. Choose things that fit together. It is better to make multi-layer ensembles and remember the rule of three colors.
  2. Instead of a second sweater, take a blanket. Plaid is a great multifunctional thing! It replaces a blanket, cardigan and blanket.
  3. If you plan an evening out, you will need a dress.
  4. For excursions, we choose comfortable and practical clothes, for example, a tracksuit, shorts with t-shirts (they won’t take up much space, you can take 5-6 pieces).
  5. Beachwear: swimwear (no more than three), pareo, hat.
  6. Jeans are preferable for cool evenings.
  7. Sundress or light dress - for walks in the heat.
  8. Cardigan in case of cooling.

Give preference to wrinkled fabrics. On vacation, I do not want to take the iron in my hands once again, and there is not always the opportunity.

Warm and heavy things should be left to yourself. Firstly, this is how we lighten the suitcase, and secondly, they are most likely to be needed in an airplane and at the airport.

Too many shoes

The most necessary minimum is three pairs!

  1. Sneakers or sneakers for excursions, flights and hiking.
  2. Slippers for the beach and cafe.
  3. Sandals or platform sandals or flat shoes. They can become shoes on the way out.

Never bring new shoes with you! She will rub her corns and ruin the walks.

Hide equipment in a suitcase

To protect expensive cameras, phones, tablets and chargers, never drop them in your luggage! No one is safe from loss. For hand luggage, do not forget to take the following:

  • Phones
  • the tablet;
  • charging;
  • headphones;
  • power bank;
  • spare battery.

Laptops are taken only by business people who will work on vacation.

Annual stock of cosmetics

Many hotels provide customized sets of toothbrushes, pastes, sunblocks, shampoos and shaving foam. If you use only certain brands, then pour into a small container, and so that nothing spills, cover the neck with cling film. Such a trick will help to avoid a total dry cleaning of things.

From cosmetics, take only the most necessary, often instead of applying complex makeup it is easier to wear trendy sunglasses!

Vacation should be fun! Do not get carried away with photographs and the constant changes of fashionable clothes, better look around, enjoy beautiful views and wonderful weather.