5 women's shirts for all summer occasions

Stylists have such a thing as a “basic wardrobe." Recently, I have heard it quite often and really doubt that this concept has remained unknown to anyone. But still, if among the readers there are those who are not in the know, the basic wardrobe is one in which things are combined with almost anything (including among themselves), with which you can create a bow in any style and which will never come out out of fashion.

Under all these criteria, the most ordinary women's shirt fits perfectly. Although why necessarily female? But more on that later.

The five most essential shirts for the summer season

If you want, I’ll prove to you that having only five of these things in your wardrobe, you can ONLY based on them create such a large number of the most diverse images that they will be enough for the whole summer, even if you change them every day? Yes Easy!

Classic white

How without her? For an office, a business event, you can not do without a white shirt. And not only for office style, it is useful.

Think white classic is boring? Oh no! Take a look. You can sew stars on the cuffs of a regular shirt - and already a bow will be a little more interesting than a simple combination of a “white shirt + jeans”.

You can not sew on anything, but just put on massive jewelry.

Want to add sex to your image? No problem, tuck your shirt into denim mini shorts.

Although not necessarily shorts = sex. How do you like this fresh summer long-legged onion?

In combination with a long skirt, you get an airy, romantic look.

We often associate a white shirt with a dress code, but what is really boring is to combine it with black trousers or a pencil skirt. This option is quite wearable for the office, but it looks much more interesting.

So, well, with trousers everything is clear, but with skirts what? Is it possible to make something summer, feminine and at least a little less strict from the combination of a “white shirt + black skirt”? Of course.

And these are only classic styles! But what happens if you add to this trendy now wide sleeves.

INTERESTING ! In the photo is blogger Sara Crampton, a big fan of white shirts and minimalism, from whom you can get even more stylish ideas.

Now see what miracles other colors and materials can do.


For some reason, for some reason, a prejudice towards jeans shirts still lives in the minds. Like, what can be done with them, except for cowboy images? So they shun them in stores, fearing that they hang on the shoulders of a cabinet that nobody needs. And I’ll tell you that this is one of the most versatile wardrobe items that goes with almost everything. For example, to immediately get away from the topic of cowboys, I will show you that “jeans” becomes the basis of a variety of interesting combinations.

  • It looks very stylish with heels.
  • It does not always give a brutal look. For example, in combination with white trousers, everything looks quite easy and feminine.
  • Does not necessarily mean a gray everyday image. With yellow trousers, a bright and cheerful bow is obtained.


Although, in general, why in quotation marks? Now the girls are quietly picking up a wardrobe for themselves in the male departments of stores (and vice versa), and at least not condemning them for it.

IMPORTANT! Men's shirts on girls are such a trend trend that many with a calm soul already classify it as a classic.

I won’t paint much, these photos will tell you everything for me.

Silk (Chiffon)

Cold silk is what you need in the hot summer, and when you consider that the pajama style still does not want to leave, such a must-have shirt in a modern wardrobe. Her mysterious overflows attract the eye, regardless of color, and it is beautiful even in the photo. Well, in the movement it just instantly falls in love and fascinates.

As for fashion prints, such a delicate look was presented at the Agnona show.

A floral print will help out in a variety of situations, it will be appropriate both in the office and on a date.


It is also called a “shirt-dress”, which is not surprising when you consider that many people wear it just like a dress . And this is a checkmate to those who at the beginning of this article doubted my words that all summer can be spent wearing shirts. Like, "what about dresses in the heat"? Here you have a dress in the heat.

But it’s not necessary to wear it that way. She feels great with trousers and jeans, and with long skirts she is able to form a flying silhouette .

TIP! If you are embarrassed to wear such a shirt

like a dress, especially if it’s not so long, you can wear it with short shorts. You no longer have to fear that it might rise in the opposite breeze.

How to wear a shirt to look fashionable

Well, you probably already realized that almost anything. You can refuel, but you can not refuel, plus now everything is completely "semi-refuel".

Initially, there was something informal, rebellious, and this half-issue was recognized only in the street style . But now this mod has spread to all styles, so if you want, refuel as you want (or don't refuel at all).

Well, and finally - a dessert that returned to us from zero: a shirt whose floors are tied in a knot in front.

So, ladies, run into shirts, alternate and mix them with different elements of clothing! Be brave and don't be afraid to experiment! Have a nice shirt summer!