5 rules of men's fashion

Each season, the famous couturiers present to the audience the new fashion trends of men's clothing. The rules that reflect the good taste of a man remain unchanged. The rules for wearing a suit do not change; the attitude to fashion trends changes . Over time, trends replace each other, changing seasonal fashion. In order to look stylish, it is much more important to know the basic nuances of creating an image.

Rule 1: Don’t completely fasten your jacket

It would seem that if the suit has buttons, they must be fastened. But this is not entirely true with respect to the men's jacket. The bottom button on the shelf remained from the fashion of another century. A properly worn jacket emphasizes a slightly widened line of hips and a narrow waist of a man. If you fasten the lower button, the silhouette will be distorted, stretched fabric and seams will spoil the appearance.

If you sit on a chair without undoing the last button of your jacket, the same visual effect occurs. A straightened back pulls on the details of the clothes, the man gives the impression of a teenager dressed in a suit not of age.

An exception, according to Christopher Modu from Chester Barrie at Savile Row, can be a walking jacket, but he has long gone out of fashion.

Rule 2: Cleanliness May Be Misconception

According to many, clothes should be washed daily. This is not entirely true. Every day you need to change your underwear, but washing a jacket is not serious . At one time, you can’t get your suit so dirty that it even needs dry cleaning. The latter is necessary for the costume no more than once every 6 months .

It should not be forgotten that in dry cleaning the suit will be exposed to aggressive chemicals, which is unlikely to benefit the material from which it is sewn . The rest of the time, it’s quite enough to go over the clothes with a brush so that they always have a decent appearance. The next day, it’s better to wear another suit.

Advice! Changing clothes is necessary so that she has time to ventilate from smells . Agree, each person has his own, and it is better if it is the aroma of a freshly washed body.

Like a suit, jeans should be washed with care . The most correct advice should be considered as follows: refuse to wash. In extreme cases , jeans should be washed 1 time in half a year . In a washing machine, detergents are affected by jeans, they are unevenly worn, the original color changes. Experts advise to refrain from washing jeans at least in the first months after purchase.

Important! You can not wash jeans at elevated temperatures and carry out drying in special units. Drying must be straightened and suspended by the belt, turned on the wrong side.

Rule 3: Not Every Shirt Can Be Filled

It looks very unpresentable shirt, knocked out from under the belt of trousers. There are special models of official men's shirts designed to be worn with a suit.

The back of these shirts is longer so that it does not come out at the moment you decide to sit down. If you decide to wear a T-shirt under your jacket, you need to choose a longer length and tuck it into your pants, pressing it with a belt.

Rule 4: Brush

Good quality shoes are an investment in your image. In order for fashionable shoes to last longer, it is important to take care of them regularly and correctly. Laced with high-quality cream and polished to a shine, the shoes much better tolerate bad weather and slush .

Buying such a cream is simply important. The nutritious ointment spread on the shoes penetrates deeply into the natural skin and protects from the adverse environment.

A ritual of shoe polishing, carried out at least twice a week, allows the skin of the shoes to become softer and not absorb moisture.

Rule 5: If you are wearing a suit, carry the bag in your hands.

If you put on an office suit, then even a very fashionable backpack will not fit your clothes e. The thing is that any belt thrown over your shoulder spoils the look of your suit. The straps of the backpack will crush the shoulder, and leave marks, greasy, and abrasions on the suit. The best choice for an office suit is a business briefcase or tote bag . If you do not like them, you have to carry things in your hands.

In the modern world of fashion there are no strict canons. Over time, the attitude towards things and the way they are worn changes. Even if you do not want to follow fashion blindly, you must listen to the advice of stylists and draw the right conclusions. These rules do not affect fashion trends, they are out of fashion because they are universal for any style.

A man must be able to choose his wardrobe and accessories, as well as wear them. A neat appearance, a decent business suit create the image of a successful person. Agree, this is important in the modern world for promotion on the career ladder.