5 new tricks in the clothing store: how we are forced to pay more

The further marketing develops, the smarter buyers become; the smarter buyers become, the further marketing develops. Everyone has long ceased to perceive value in 1999 as "about a thousand" and is rounded up. Sales are also no longer believed, price monitoring is prudently carried out in advance. Customers do not trust either the mirrors narrowing the figure or the shares “buy two things, the third as a gift”. Modern marketers have to smash their brains to come up with new tricks that we don’t even know about.

Secrets of shops and their tricks

I have put together the TOP 5 new marketing tricks for you, which few people know about, and therefore they work effectively and increase sales. Knowing these tricks will help you not to fall for the bait of spontaneous purchases and reduce financial costs.

One size in theory - another in practice

Despite body-positive trends, one of the main sources of income for clothing stores is still women's complexes for overweight. The scheme for this trick is this:

  • a girl of size M sees a thing of size S that looks surprisingly suitable;
  • trying on - and oh, a miracle! The smaller thing sits perfectly!
  • Celebrating in her soul her sudden weight loss, the girl joyfully runs to the cash register.

Do you understand what the trick is? Of course, the girl acquired size M, signed as S. Even famous brands resort to this trick.

Attention! Believe your eyes, not the label. Buy things only if you really like them, and not because they unexpectedly fit you in size. And ideally - rather get rid of the complexes and love yourself for who you are!

Treasure Island

Have you ever wondered why all the clothes in the shops are neatly hung on hangers, to the delight of perfectionists is grouped by size, type or even color, and only in the far corner are large sale baskets in which things are piled on top of each other, crumpled and mixed up? If you had the experience of diving into this pool, then you perfectly know what happiness it is to suddenly find among all these deposits of the MOST treasured T-shirt, and even at such a favorable price - how can you not please yourself with such a successful find? And what do you think would be as sharp a joy if you just took it off the hanger and tried it on? That's the same.

Attention! Do not let emotions take over! Having found the thing of your dreams among the sloppy pile of other clothes, ask yourself the question: “Would I buy it if this had not been preceded by such a long search?”

Natural fabric at almost the price of synthetics

Imagine: you see two almost identical basic shirts, but one of not very high-quality synthetics, and the second from one hundred percent cotton that is pleasant to the touch. Look at the price - and it is almost the same, a natural thing is quite a bit more expensive. Profitable? Of course, profitable!

Or not? In fact, this is much more beneficial for stores that do not reduce the price of clothing made from natural fabrics, as it seems to the buyer, but rather increase the cost of synthetic.

Attention! Compare the prices of things from natural fabrics with each other, and not with synthetic analogues.

Is Outlet Always = “Smart Shopping”?

In the minds of buyers, outlets are associated with designer items at discounted prices. But the problem is that brand clothes in their original form are not always found in them. Unfortunately, there are frequent cases when low-quality fakes reach outlets.

If you are a serious follower of “smart shopping”, be sure to learn about the hallmarks of brands that cannot be faked before going shopping.

Quality and quality again!

Unfortunately, modern reality is such that it is not profitable for shops to sell durable clothing. The faster it wears out, the more often the buyer will come for a new one. Alas, this rule is sometimes not disdain even in the luxury segment.

In this regard, the recommendation can only be this: knowledge is power! Learn as much as possible about the differences between high-quality clothes and low-quality ones and don’t run blindly at the promoted brands. Reasonable to you shopping!