5 clothing combinations that Christian Dior called real bad taste

Modern fashion sometimes surprises. Designers of female images prefer creativity, balancing on the fine line of taste and bad taste. How not to "miss" and avoid the bad taste in clothes? What ensembles to wear is definitely not worth it? We will talk about this below.

Vivid examples of bad taste

Being fashionable does not mean blindly following all fashion trends.

Short wedding dress and sneakers instead of white high-heeled shoes.

Important! Here is a tip from the creator of the most feminine and beautiful clothes Christian Dior: a combination of incongruous is the top of bad taste and a complete lack of elegance . Even if it is fashionable, do not spoil your image.

Dress combination: examples of bad taste.

We will name five combinations that are better not to use.

Cocktail Dress with Sneakers

Democratic fashion can sometimes play a trick. In the pursuit of comfort, many forget about style. Do you prefer dresses with sneakers? Yes, it’s convenient. But, creating your image, do not forget about feminine attractiveness and fragile charm.

Important! Permissiveness does not mean tastelessness!

Putting on an elegant cocktail dress and sports sneakers or sneakers, take a look at yourself from the side. And then you will definitely abandon this ridiculous ensemble.

The combination of lace with tweed

Christian Dior strongly advises stylish beauties to abandon the combination of lace and tweed. The softness of a warm and dense tweed fabric is best combined with other matter of the same texture .

The ensemble with delicate delicate lace will make it coarse. And the apparent lack of harmony will become a hopeless element of any female image.

Sweatpants with high heels

What can be in common between tough athletic trousers and the style of an elegant heel? The famous couturier always considered "sport-chic" unacceptable for the subtle beauty of a woman's image .

And here any arguments are powerless. None of the most fashionable ensembles will not change the tastelessness of such clothes.

Raincoat and straw hat

A straw hat is indispensable on hot summer days. Undoubtedly, this is an excellent protection against harmful solar radiation. A raincoat is usually worn in cool weather to keep warm and not get wet in the rain.

According to Christian Dior, a duet of these two things is impossible . Of course, times have changed, and modern women wear little hats, but fashion tends to return. Therefore, beautiful ladies should remember this rule.

Evening dress with a cloak

When going to a party, do not forget about the harmony of the created image. An evening cut dress loves full compliance not only with accessories, but also with outerwear.

The famous stylist does not recommend wearing it with a cloak. This will give the image an ugliness, and spoil the perception of even the most amazing outfit.

Creating an individual image, it is very important for a woman to feel the fine line of taste and bad taste. Staying feminine and elegant fashionista will help your own sense of style and recommendations of famous designers. Refuse the combination of incongruous, and then you will always look stylish and attractive.