2018 winter boots fashion trends

Shoe fashion trends change every season, urging you to follow new textures and styles. Winter shoes have the main functional feature - heat retention. The most beautiful boots will become uncomfortable without additional insulation. Moving on snow and slippery surfaces also dictates its features in the structure of the heel and sole.

Fashion trends this winter

Stylists recommend fashionistas to have several pairs of boots in their wardrobe - laconic models for daily wear at work, warm options for long walks, bright new items for parties and holidays. The main thing is that a pair of winter shoes should correspond to the general style of the girl, harmoniously merging into a competently built image.

Material, color

When choosing winter items, you should pay attention to the quality of the skin. Good texture of the product ensures the maintenance of heat, helps to avoid moisture feet. Actual materials of this season are suede, varnish or leather in classic design models. Genuine leather in the models for winter is rather dense, so the best use of boots in this direction is comfortable walking and moving in the snow. Spectacular models of boots made of thin leather and huskies also have a right to exist in the cold season. In them you can attend cultural events, parties - thanks to elegant tailoring, they look elegant, giving the appearance sophistication.

The undisputed leader in the colors of the current autumn-winter season is black shoes. Graceful boots or brutal boots on a tractor sole in dark shades go well with warm outerwear of any color. Practical pairs of black, gray or brown colors - flawlessly hit the target.

Important! High fashion trends suggest using white (pearl), red, burgundy, khaki, mustard and red shades, as well as metallic tones in the creation of a bow, and not to deprive the season's favorite - leopard print - of attention. The eclecticism of the image is successfully maintained with the help of spectacular colored boots that look favorably against the background of white snow.


The most striking changes in shoe fashion are embodied when changing the shape of the heel. The elegant hairpin is replaced by stable foundations - rectangular, square. Practical girls prefer low-heeled shoes - these models are comfortable both in walking and in driving.

Unusual heels - triangles surprise with their eccentricity, but firmly win a place in the wardrobe of fashionistas. Among unusual images, transparent heels occupy a separate place. They give the shoe a visual airiness. A more mundane option - wedge boots - are not so light in appearance. However, they are the most comfortable to wear, while performing the task of lengthening the legs.


The classic fit of winter boots is the perfect choice for everyday wear. Options with tight shafts (over the knee boots, stockings) visually lengthen the silhouette. The eccentric form of high tops is successfully combined with long tunics and sweater dresses. Evening outings in a cocktail dress or miniskirt are also a good option with high boots. They set the tone for the whole image, emphasize individuality.

An entertaining novelty of the season - stocking boots - will appeal to young fashionistas. In addition to the actual shape, these models are quite warm thanks to the leather base in the foot area. The bootleg of such a stocking is made of woolen materials as knitted leggings.

This season has not left the podiums such an option shafts, as slouchy. A lowered model effectively sits on a leg of any shape. An image with an elongated coat or a short fur coat is suitable for both daily trips to work and for holiday receptions.

Style, finish

Mid-calf boots and high lace-up boots are a good choice for the cold season, taking into account warming with fur or sheepskin. For lovers of car trips, Euro-winter models are suitable - with fur insulation in the foot area.

Novelties of the catwalk shows - boots-boots - are boldly produced in printed versions: a bright leopard, a striking stripe. For finishing, lacing on the upper part of the shaft or strict vertical stitching on the front part up to the toe is used. Designers are tirelessly experimenting with new styles and shoe decor. As a finish in the season 2018-19. long fringe, lacing or decorative zippers are actively used.

Fashionable examples

The usual models of winter shows - classic boots with a steady heel - are suitable for ladies of all ages. The versatility of the style makes this format boots a favorite of customers and the most proposed option in the shoe departments.

The impeccable taste of the owner of high-top boots is successfully emphasized by a short skirt in combination with a fur coat, winter coat-trench coat or a parka with natural fur.

The combination of a triangular heel with nubuck material, suede will give out their owner a fashionable nature.

Bright print - for bold experiments in the fashion field. Boots in actual leopard colors will be a spectacular accompaniment to the 2018-19 season.