2018 Plaid Skirts Fashion Trends

It’s no secret that fashion trends are cyclical and what was once considered a trend becomes popular again over time, acquiring new modern qualities. So in the fashion season of 2018-2019, skirts in a cage came to the forefront of the photo.

Designers from all over the world believe that plaid products are very feminine and attractive. With their help, you can create original and unique images for both publication and everyday wear.

Actual types of cells in 2018

The cell is considered a classic, as with varying success it is always in the leading positions of the most popular models. Skirts may vary in color, size and pattern.

The most popular are:

  • black and white cell;
  • coarse neutral shades with diagonal subtle intersections;
  • shallow and bright;
  • calm;
  • red and white;
  • diagonal
  • "Chicken foot".

Important! Skirts and other products with a similar ornament can be used for everyday, business or evening wear. She is always relevant and attractive.

The fabrics from which such products are sewn are also diverse. It can be wool, cotton, chiffon, thin suit fabric made of natural fiber, velveteen or silk. Any of these products will look appropriate in any situation.

Styles and models of checkered skirts

Each cell option will look relevant if the product is correctly and correctly selected. You need to choose a skirt according to the style, in accordance with the features of your own figure. Shoes, accessories and additional wardrobe details are very important in creating a solid and attractive look.

The most popular styles today are:

  • flared skirt with one seam (perky and very attractive model, also called semi-sun, suits almost all girls with different types of body shape);
  • a flare with two seams (“sun”, a bright and romantic image held in esteem by women and girls of all ages, simple and easy this season is really relevant);
  • straight two-suture (plain style, suitable for women of different age groups, it can be combined with everyday looks or go to a business meeting in such a skirt, after choosing the right combination);
  • wedges with four seams (attractive style with a waist-fitting belt and checkered fabric wedges freely falling below the hips, this style will suit many girls, allowing to achieve femininity and attractiveness);
  • with assemblies (“Tatyanka”, a lush and fresh look suits young and slender fashionistas, the abundance of folds makes the cut very interesting and bewitching).

Important! When choosing a checkered product, you need to consider your own color type so that the cell does not suppress the appearance. The length of the skirt can be different, it all depends on the preferences of the woman.

What can I wear checked skirts with?

To make the image winning and attractive, when choosing a product, stylists advise taking into account 3 important criteria:

  • the case in which the skirt will be worn;
  • own preferences;
  • type of figure.

It is very important to compare the model you like with your own type of figure. The model should effectively emphasize the advantages of the silhouette, while hiding all the flaws and flaws of the figure. If a girl is a happy owner of slender legs and a figure, you can afford absolutely any style that the soul requires.

If the colors in the cell are chosen bright, for a successful combination it is worth choosing a plain top. A blouse can be a T-shirt or a loose T-shirt, tucked under the belt of the lower part of the wardrobe. The main thing is that in color it is combined with one of the colors present in the cell.

Slender ladies who want to buy a suit, any styles and models are suitable. The condition should not be the brightness of the image, it is better to choose neutral shades. For an office dress code, such a suit is perfect.

If the cell is large and bright, the remaining details of the wardrobe should be monophonic and muffled. A scarf, hat, gloves or bag should be a nice addition to the look, but a bright accent should concentrate on the cage.

A straight-cut skirt, combined with a calm shade of a pullover, plain and tight, will be an excellent option for both business and everyday bow. In this outfit, the girl will look great.

A correctly selected image will allow you to feel confident and comfortable in any situation. Many fashionistas today have already given their preference to the cage. Everyone wants this trendy thing to appear in the wardrobe.