12 interesting facts about red

With red, a person intersects constantly. It is present in clothing, interior decoration, food. The shade is considered one of the brightest and charismatic and is listed in the favorites of famous designers. It is both simple and complex, self-sufficient and has many shades.

6 well-known facts about red

This color is considered the oldest in human civilization.

It is no accident that he became the first color that babies begin to distinguish. Interesting facts are associated with it:

  1. In different cultures, it is the color of blood, love, a symbol of wealth, power, life and death. It has a special sacred meaning, it is considered the color of celebration and joy.
  2. Red clothes will help to get the person in the spotlight. For men, a woman in a red dress is the embodiment of femininity and sexuality. And for women, a man in red is a symbol of power, success, strength and masculinity. Both sexes perceive this shade differently.
  3. This is one of the common colors on state flags and symbols, as well as in folk costumes.
  4. The shade is attributed to healing properties: the ability to withstand spoilage and witchcraft. Many amulets are made in this shade. For example, a red thread from the evil eye. In China, catchy handkerchiefs hang on children’s hands.
  5. The hue visually brings things closer and is thereby able to deceive the vision. Therefore, it is practically not used as a background. This is one of the heavy colors for the general perception, compared with the rest.
  6. If you look at red for a long time, then a person’s heart rate quickens and blood pressure rises. Numerous studies have shown that it increases sexual desire, stimulates physical activity.

Christian Louboutin makes his shoes only with a red sole. It is believed that in this lies the promise of sexual female energy.

6 facts you probably didn't know about

Few people think that red is the favorite color of marketers . It is often used in advertising and provokes consumers to rash decisions and purchases. The following facts are no less interesting:

  1. The famous artist Kazimir Malevich, in addition to the legendary “Black Square”, also painted the “Red Square”, which is stored in the Russian Museum of the Northern Capital.
  2. A common misconception about the hostility to red in bulls. In fact, animals in general can hardly distinguish between shades, and their movements are annoying bullfighter.
  3. Famous couturier Valentino Garavani is able to distinguish up to 50 shades in and made red the signature shade of the legendary Valentino brand.
  4. Scientists have proved that athletes in red uniforms win much more often. The experiments were performed on sports such as wrestling, football, boxing, racing. People feel more harmonious, confident and relaxed in it. Before the competition it is recommended to wear glasses with red lenses.
  5. Initially, the color of the telephone box in England was silver-gray, but then it was replaced with red . This is ideal for dense London fog.
  6. This is the warmest color. It causes a person to feel warm and even raises his body temperature. Therefore, a room with a lot of decor in this color requires much less heating.

Red is more preferable for young people. Until the age of 20, it is often put in first place, by the age of 30 - much less often, and by the age of 60 - people use it in rare cases.

You can talk about this color endlessly. In order to profitably use the color for their own purposes, a person must know its features, historical component. Often this is the choice of extroverts who love communication, danger and new acquaintances.