11 things in the wardrobe that speak of a woman’s low self-esteem

Properly selected wardrobe helps a woman to feel confident. Psychologists say that a lot can be said in terms of a person’s appearance. An unconscious choice in favor of some things indicates a low self-esteem and inferiority complex. Clothing speaks about us much more than it might seem at first glance.

Same things

Many women do not like experimenting with style. They find a pair of T-shirts and trousers that they think are right for them. Subsequent items are bought in a similar format. So a lady can accumulate dozens of trousers that look very similar in appearance.

Blue jeans

Professor Karen Pine believes that a woman who constantly wears blue jeans is more likely to be depressed. The fact is that the image remains the same throughout the day. In this form, the lady goes to work, to the bar, to the cinema, to walk the dog and even to the theater. Fear of attracting too much attention is regarded as self-doubt. On the contrary, the girl, in whose wardrobe there are a lot of various clothes, feels cheerful and relaxed.

Baggy Clothing

Fans of voluminous and shapeless things thereby express a desire to go unnoticed. This fact does not apply to the beloved oversize, which has been in the trend for more than one season. Properly selected clothing will emphasize the individuality and dignity of the figure.

Sports uniforms

Clothing for fitness is now extremely popular. However, this is not a reason to use it for other purposes. It will be bad form to come to a party or celebration in a stretched tracksuit or sweatshirt. This is a sign that the lady is not sure of her attractiveness. Clothing in the style of sport chic is not chosen by modest ladies with a toned figure. A confident girl looks good in tight leggings, a bold top and sneakers. Of course, in this form, too, it is not appropriate to appear everywhere.

Blind Copy Glossy

Of course, stylists advise to understand the trends and know the latest news of the season. However, it is not worth following the whims of an ever-changing fashion implicitly. Resignedly, they buy trendy girls' clothes with a high degree of dependence on the opinions of others. When choosing a wardrobe, you should take into account the features of the figure, color type and other factors.

Putting labels on public display has long been considered a sign of bad taste.

Overly frank outfits

There is an interesting type of women who believe that you need to look spectacular in any situation. Frank mini skirts, stilettos and a deep neckline they can wear every day. But in a simple T-shirt and sneakers it is impossible to see them. Ladies strive to attract attention at any cost, this suggests that they can not do it in another way. It happens that behind external loudness lies a deep fear of rejection of one's own body.

If such an outfit is appropriate for the occasion, then it is not a sin to emphasize a beautiful figure. The main thing is to feel the measure in everything.

A lot of buttons

Clothing, literally strewn with buttons, is chosen by very collected and pedantic people. They value discipline and are overly accurate in everything. Often they are straightforward, not flexible, closed and not at all self-confident. Such people just need constant encouragement and praise.

Blurry shades

The color of clothes can say a lot about a person and translates his inner state. For example, faded things speak of shyness and low self-esteem. People who want to stay away usually dress very modestly and softly. Those around and near should support such a person, perhaps help him buy new clothes, give him the opportunity to see himself on the other side.

Catchy things will be able to cheer up and give strength to new achievements.

Out of Size Things

Excessively large or, conversely, small things can greatly spoil a woman’s self-esteem. Narrow wardrobe items are too tight and underline thereby imperfections of the body. Clothing a size larger makes the figure even more massive. Therefore, it is very important to choose things by size and not buy them with the expectation of losing weight or getting better.

Chess print

Clothing with a picture also carries a certain story. For example, black-and-white cells indicate a difficult situation of a person or his hidden complexes. If relatives often see a girl in similar clothes - this is an occasion to do something nice for her and to cheer up.

Off-duty clothing

There are women who absolutely do not know how to select bows for a specific situation. They can come in shorts for a gala dinner or in a revealing mini-dress for business negotiations. From the outside it may seem that they are rebels by nature. On the other hand, in this one can see a desire to be noticed due to self-doubt.

At all times, clothing was considered a way of self-expression. However, the choice is made unconsciously, intuitively and allows you to understand a lot about her mistress. If your wardrobe has several items from the proposed list, then this is an occasion to reflect on your own self-esteem.