100 things and nothing more: in your closet there is also

Most women are familiar with the expression "a full closet of things, but there is nothing to put on." We buy different wardrobe items or store outdated models, without realizing that they clutter up not only the wardrobe, but also our life. In most cases, the inability to correctly evaluate your wardrobe and disassemble it leads to the fact that you buy unnecessary things or unsuitable models that are forever doomed to “wait in the wings” on the shoulders in the closet.

Things that are “dead weight” are hanging in the wardrobe

Our innate frugality and practicality often play a trick on us. The closet is full of things that we don’t wear and, most likely, we’ll never even wear them, but it’s a pity to throw them away. Experts advise to part with such clothes, without hesitation, so as not to litter the space around.

There are a lot of such things and they all deserve a place only in the garbage bin:

  • torn tights, stockings, socks. It is better to get rid of these items as soon as a hole or puff appears on them, even if you plan to sew a hole and wear under your pants: this is unlikely to happen in the near future, either darn right away or throw it away - there is no third option;
  • a dress that "I’ll wear when I lose weight." Such an outfit is in the wardrobe of almost every girl; we all hope that in the coming days we will go in for sports, do gymnastics and bring the body to ideal parameters, but if you look at the situation objectively, few people really do their own body and are able to lose extra pounds in a short time, having achieved a toned figure. Down with a dress so as not to feel guilty before itself;
  • uncomfortable, but very beautiful shoes. The demon must have beguiled the store, and the girl acquired expensive trendy shoes that are completely uncomfortable, well, now they have a place in the wardrobe, but they have to stand there for many years without the right to amnesty! You need to get rid of such things with a light heart, clothes and shoes should be comfortable and convenient - this is one of the main rules of an excellent image;
  • a fashionable thing that “there is nothing to put on” is another inhabitant of the mezzanines. Trending things that are completely unsuitable for the girl’s style and are doomed to hang on their shoulders, waiting in the wings, and he will probably never come. Isn't it better to buy clothes that bring benefits and pleasure for the money;
  • stretched and torn underwear. This is akin to torn stockings! Respect yourself: if the bra has ceased to hold a breast, it should be replaced with a new, fashionable instance;
  • old, worn shoes. If you like it so much, you should bring it into a divine form, giving it to a professional workshop, but in the case when there is nothing to fight for, feel free to send it to the trash;
  • old holiday dresses. The chance to wear a dress in which you shone at the prom is minimal, so get rid of this unnecessary item of clothing in affordable ways.

Important! By conducting a regular audit of your own cabinet, you can clean it well and make room for new fashionable things. It is not necessary to save extended, worn out, soiled things: they only clutter up the room and do not bring any benefit.

Psychologists are sure that the release of space in the closet has a beneficial effect on the internal state of a person. In addition, free hangers provide an opportunity to do your favorite shopping and fill your wardrobe with stylish and beautiful things.

Getting rid of old and worn-out things that have long lost their original appearance, in fact, we experience tremendous relief. And the meaningless accumulations of unnecessary wardrobe items only create unnecessary thoughts about where they could be put on and why they are present in your closet.