10 rules for a stylish woman

Each woman wants to find and preserve her unique image that will reflect her essence. To do this, ladies work a lot on themselves, read literature and try to apply the advice of fashionable stylists. All these are the correct actions. But there are small details that will say much more about a woman.

Wrong color combination

Stylish woman skillfully combines 2-3 colors in her outfit. Designers all support this principle and emphasize that 1-2 shades can be basic, while others should be used as the color of parts or accessories (jewelry, edging, haberdashery).

In the onion should combine warm and cold shades . It is important to remember that cold colors have a blue base and warm colors a yellow base. Black and white shades are suitable for any color. Pastel colors are able to combine perfectly with each other. A completely white image will give an extra fullness.

Tip. When choosing colors, you should rely on your color type and select the most suitable tones.

You should know which colors cannot be combined or undesirable, but modern fashion allows incompatible colors and bows, for example, in a street style. So, neon colors, as well as combinations of black and red / yellow or fuchsia with a bright yellow (orange) shade, can irritate.

Smaller clothing

A stylish woman will never wear clothes that do not match her parameters. The size of the costume should not be smaller, otherwise he will not hide the extra pounds, and will show off . A free outfit is also able to present a woman with a good figure as a bag.

Peeking underwear

You must admit that the linen on display is not capable of emphasizing elegance. Therefore, a stylish girl always dresses underwear so that she could not peer out from under the belt of trousers or skirts in any situation.

Deodorant stains

Manufacturers of modern brands of deodorants are trying to ensure that their products do not stain clothes . It is important to choose an antiperspirant that will meet these requirements. You can remove the formed stains from the clothes, but there is a risk that you just can’t notice on time.

Bra straps visible

The fit of the bra should be perfect so that its straps do not stick around. When buying, it is important to make sure that the cup size and strap length match your specifications.

Makeup mismatch

Makeup should be appropriate at any time. A large number of cosmetics are not able to mask flaws, but only give the image coarseness. It will also be inappropriate to apply evening makeup during a trip to fitness or shopping.

Keep an eye on the shoes

Shoes can tell a lot about a person, so it’s important to understand at the stage of purchase what purpose you are acquiring it for .

For everyday wear, it is better to dwell on natural materials of universal colors. Shoes should be looked after regularly and on time to wear in a shoe workshop for minor repairs.

Matching shoes and tights

The color of hosiery should always be consistent with the overall style and shoes chosen . For a visual increase in the length of the legs, it is better to stay in stockings or tights of such a shade that will go well with shoes and the hem of the dress.

So for a dress in bright blue, pantyhose in gray or dark gray will work well. In any situation, stockings appropriate to the color of the skin are appropriate . Black tights visually make legs slimmer.

Imperfect manicure

Well-groomed hands are the standard of a stylish woman . Broken nails and peeling varnish require immediate repair. In the cosmetic bag there is always a place for a small nail file and nail polish remover.

When choosing a nail polish color for manicure, it is worth stopping at neutral, pastel, discreet shades . They will look good both in an office setting and at a social event. Brighter tones and metallic colors are best used when attending youth parties.

Regrown hair roots

The shade of your hair can make you both younger and add age. To be completely confident, it is important to choose a shade of hair dye that will refresh . Equally important is the haircut's age and timely tinting of regrown hair roots .

If you follow simple rules, you will always look stylish. Also, a restrained manner of behavior and a slightly noticeable smile are always characteristic of an ideal image. Calm speech and self-confidence are additional components of a memorable image.