10 perfect color combinations

To create an excellent wardrobe, you need to know the nuances of combining colors with each other. Otherwise, you will look ridiculous. To correctly combine things, it is recommended to study the list of excellent color combinations .


Refers to aristocratic tones. It goes well with a shade of ivory, white and beige.

It can be combined with red and yellow colors. The combination with brown and terracotta creates a noble look.


If you want to add a little femininity and tenderness, you should choose a pink palette. Tones of blue and cyan, beige and brown will suit her. The connection with white looks especially successful.

Such a solution is universal and suitable for both walking, and for a business meeting, work. In cold weather, you can complement the pink coat with light trousers.

Reference! Choosing the perfect combination, remember your individual characteristics. The selected palette should suit you. Take into account the color of the skin, hair, eyes. All this plays an important role in creating an amazing image.


For him, it is worth choosing close shades. These include chocolate, yellow, wood . Basic colors include black and white . You can also combine a maid with a dark green color.

If you want to remain feminine even in the office, just add pink to the specified tone. The working dress code will not be violated, but the outfit will turn out with a touch of tenderness.

Marine motives

Such motifs have been popular since the 30s of the last century. It was then that Coco Chanel introduced marine themes into her wardrobe. It all started with the acquisition of a “sailor suit” . And to this day, a strip in dark blue remains one of the stylish and relevant prints.

Marine motifs suggest a combination of blue, red, white and black. To make the outfit look more elegant, it is recommended to add gold accessories.


Many find this shade boring. However, this is absolutely not the case if you competently beat him. Gray is the basis of office style. But it is not necessary to put on it completely .

Color is in perfect harmony with the green palette. Suitable shades from olive to mint . Therefore, it is worth combining gray with green and get the perfect working option, fresh and not boring.


Previously, it was forbidden to combine different tones of denim with each other. The ban has now been canceled. Denim items that are not identical in scale can be worn together. It is only important that the tones do not match . If the bottom is made of dark denim, then for the top choose light.

Colors look good: blue, blue and chocolate.


It is considered a color for self-confident individuals. Things of a similar hue attract attention because of brightness.

Totally red vestment from head to toe does not look too attractive and too sexy. The classic duo is considered red with black. It is better if the tones look like large blocks, rather than small details.


The hue got its name from Sicilian wine . Marsala goes well with many other colors. It looks most advantageous with basic ones, including gray, beige, coffee .

Standard white and black are also suitable, but it is more effective to combine rare shades.


It combines perfectly with each other. Add pink, lavender to the image . This will help to look light, elegant and feminine.


Its versatility has already been noted . Therefore, any gamut approaches it.

Looks especially good with blue and red.

The combination with a sand tone looks beautiful.

There are no difficulties in combining different colors. You just need to understand which of them are in harmony with each other, then you can get interesting and beautiful color combinations in the outfit on a daily basis.