10 models of shoes that give provincial

Shoes are one of the most important components of the look of any person. It can both profitably complement and destroy the overall impression of the image, even if everything else is perfect.

Top 10 shoes with a “collective farm ducky”

Young girls are closely watching fashion trends, but they are greedy for everything bright, catchy and unusual. Arriving in the metropolis to study or work, they strive in every way to demonstrate to everyone that they are also in trend. However, the inability to combine clothes and shoes correctly often leads to the opposite effect.

Ladies of elegant age are more conservative. Thanks to the Soviet youth, spent in conditions of total shortage and uniformity of light industry products, many are "fixated" on certain models of shoes and are ready to wear them with almost all the things in the wardrobe.

Shoes with heel

This is exactly the same "greetings from the past" a la Audrey Hepburn. Of course, there is nothing wrong with it, except that it is unstable, and most importantly - it has long and hopelessly become outdated. However, many women are moved, looking at the heels, glasses, and still buy them. And manufacturers that focus mainly on demand rather than trend are still producing.

By the way! Men often call them "grandmothers", preferring to see on their beloved and only shoes either high-heeled or flat-soled.

Long narrow toe boots

They, especially in the lacquered version, were once at the peak of popularity. Many years have passed since then, but, unfortunately, not all provincial women (unlike the metropolitan ladies) threw them in the trash.

Interesting! The fashion for long-nosed models, according to some sources, was introduced by the English monarch Henry II Plantagenet in the twelfth century to hide the defect of the big toe of his right foot.

Square Toe Boots

Another trend of the late 90s of the last century. At that time, their originality was undeniable and therefore attractive. Now they are referred to only as "ugly beauty."

Reference! Squared-toe shoes were invented by the cobblers of King Charles VIII of France. His six-toed leg needed special comfortable shoes.

Mid-Shin Ankle Boots

Very “ungrateful” style, which has no chance to decorate even the most slender and attractive legs. He only disfigures them, actually dividing the eggs horizontally into two equal parts. This is especially noticeable with a significant contrast in the color of ankle boots and tights. Nevertheless, someone stubbornly continues to shoe them, perhaps out of old habit.

Sandals with artificial flowers

The choice of infantile young women who adore bows and ruffles from childhood and dream of becoming princesses. They often move to the capital precisely in search of a prince on a white horse, whom, of course, their romance should conquer (even if they are already well over 18).

Ballet shoes, richly decorated with rhinestones

Another sign of the victim is the “provincial complex”. Everything bright, brilliant and flashy is, in their opinion, what they need to be noticed and appreciated. In fact, an excess of decor is a sign of bad taste. From the outside, it looks ridiculous and ridiculous in combination with most of the clothes (except, perhaps, a shocking carnival costume).

Lace boots

Especially white, they indicate that the girl really wants to get married and does not hide it. Openwork boots are a fairly common component of a wedding look. In harsh everyday life, they almost always simply “fall out” of the big picture, attracting not the most enthusiastic looks of passers-by.

Klogs - sandals and boots

It so happened historically that this wooden shoe has long been intended for commoners, representatives of the poorest sections of the population. Despite the fact that modern designers produce diverse collections, including sandals and even ankle boots on wooden soles, they are quite tough and uncomfortable. And comfort is what residents of megalopolises value above all.

Thin low-heeled clogs

The derivative of the previous model, popular in the 70s of the XIX century, differs only in a small thin heel. Clogs do not help maintain balance and will “forgive” any image, with the exception of the beach.

Lace-up boots

Laces in most cases are a decorative element, besides not particularly attractive. Passing along the entire length of the boots, he draws a large portion of attention to himself. In boots, it is very similar to a corset, which makes comparing shoes with underwear. In some cases, if the lacing is rough and the sole is thick, it makes the lower part of the legs heavier.

Many representatives of the modern shoe business, especially specializing in cheap consumer goods, produce products of all existing models, sometimes far from fashion trends. Unfortunately, to understand what is beautiful and elegant and what is not is not so simple. Taste is given to someone “by nature” - such as a singing voice. But taste, just like voice, can be developed if desired!