10 best wedding dresses of stars "House-2"

Is Dom 2 your favorite reality show? Do you closely monitor the fate of the heroines you like? Which of the wedding dresses most remembered by fans? We will tell below.

Ksenia Borodina

The presenter was married twice. At a wedding with businessman Budagov (2008), she appeared in golden silk. Accepting the offer of Kurban Omarov (2015), Borodina remained true to tradition and preferred white clothing.

Olga Buzova

At a ceremony with the football star Dmitry Tarasov (2012), the beauty impressed everyone with a magnificent classic dress. An excellent addition to this ensemble was a snow-white veil and a delicate wedding bouquet.

Alena Vodonaeva

Having become one of the brightest stars of the show, this stylish fashionista married businessman Alexey Malakeev in 2009. Her outfit was matched in exact accordance with the feminine forms of the figure, emphasized by a long openwork train.

Sasha Artemyeva

Her wedding with Eugene Kuzin took place in the fall of 2017. A real surprise for the guests was an amazing dress with a full skirt and a veil made of thin lace. Embroidered with stones and glass beads, the dress weighed 60 kg. Not surprisingly, after a while, Sasha preferred a more comfortable, but no less seductive neckline.

According to some reports, such a chic outfit cost the bride almost 500 thousand rubles. But the game was worth the candle, and she looked like a real queen.

Victoria Karaseva

An elegant peach-colored bow in the neck area in 2008 became a unique element of the girl’s dress when she went down the aisle with her reality show colleague Slava Dvoretskov.

It seems that this is not Victoria Karaseva. Here is a photo with a bow. - N.K.

Ekaterina Tokareva

This memorable wedding was a real highlight of the show in 2011. Groom Katya - Wenceslas Wengrzhanowski - was distinguished by a deep personality, bordering on eccentricity.

To the envy of everyone, the couple staged a truly royal ceremony. The “golden” dress of the bride and the crown on her head surprised many. It is a pity that less than a year has passed before they parted.

Aliana Ustinenko

Putting on a dress of a tight “mermaid” silhouette, the girl favorably emphasized the dignity of her figure. In combination with a fur cape, this dress model looked very beautiful.

Olga Rapunzel

This long-haired beauty married Dmitry Dmitrienko in the summer of 2017. Her amazing designer outfit was created by the famous Jamal Makhmudov.

An open back, a fashionable train, a stylish bow made of lenses and feathers - all this cost the newlywed no less than half a million rubles. A graceful diadem made Rapunzel look like the Swan Princess.

Liberge Cpadon

The image of this fashionista of 2014 combined all seasons and a lot of diverse trends. A dress with a full skirt, a fur cape and a wreath of bright flowers on her hair will be remembered for a long time by her husband and all participants in the ceremony.

Rita Agibalova

With Eugene Kuzin, they married directly on the project. Her outfit was modest, but very elegant: a white dress, a veil, delicate pearl jewelry.

The wedding ceremony is one of the most memorable events in the life of every person. When choosing a suitable outfit, you should be guided by the recommendations of designers and your own preferences. This is true for superstars, and for ordinary people. Then your unique image will forever remain in the memory of your beloved and devoted fans.